November 2 to 8: Discover the «made in Outaouais» cheese.

Published on November 2 2015

Cheese curds, smoked cheese or raw milk cheese, you can find many artisan factories in the Outaouais region. Forget the yellow sliced cheese in your grilled cheese and the cheese powder on top of your Mac and Cheese and next time you’re visiting our area, don’t hesitate to discover (and taste) our “made in Outaouais” cheeses.

La Trappe à Fromage

Say CHEEEEESE! ” La Trappe à Fromage is must-stop in the Outaouais. With over 10 homemade cheeses, such as their famous curds and the Léo (2 year old cheddar aged in a maple syrup liquor). Every member of the family will definitely find a taste of its own! La Trappe à Fromage also features a large selection of regional delicatessen meat, a bakery and a craft beer section. Let their experienced team help you pair the right beer with the perfect cheese.

With over 6 location between Masson-Anger, Aylmer and Cantley, it’s almost impossible to miss on your way home!

La Fromagerie Montebello

Everybody around here will tell you that you have to try the Tête à Papineau cheese locally produced at the Montebello cheese factory. It’s a semi-firm cow milk cheese, named in honour Louis-Joseph Papineau, a political man and lord of Petite-Nation in the 1800s. And while you’re there, try the Rebellion 1837, a blue cheese recognized at the CASEUS award as one of the best cheese in Quebec! Located in the heart of the Montebello village, the factory also showcases some lamb rillettes and pâté from the Moreau’s farm in Ripon, ideal to complete your lunch!

Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères

You may have heard that name before from the very famous French cabaret music hall in Paris, but it’s not quite the same thing here. The story behind Les Folies Bergères cheese factory started with a veteran military couple looking for new challenges in the quaint municipality of St-Sixte. Today, they now rely on over 150 sheep to produce between 25 000 to 30 000 litres of milk annually. With 13 different homemade cheeses, usually with goat and sheep milk, this factory will surely please everybody. Seriously, you have to try a little piece of La Chèvre Fatale before you leave.

It doesn’t matter how you like your cheese – paired with wine or in a fondue – or what kind of cheese best fits your palette. The Outaouais region definitely has a one for you! Many of our “made in Outaouais cheeses” are available in specialized boutiques, groceries and of course, directly at the factories.

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