November 7 to 13: 3 ideas for outings to chase away the November gloom!

Published on November 8 2016

I think most people will agree that November is the worst month of the year. Summer is a distant memory, the glories of fall have faded, and winter hasn’t yet arrived. Worse yet, the time change messes a lot of people up for days, especially when it gets dark before you leave the office.

So here are 3 ideas for outings you can go on in the next few days, partly to break out of your routine but also to pamper yourself, tantalize your tastebuds, and venture off the beaten path:

Källa treatment at Nordik Spa-Nature

Are you having trouble sleeping? The dark and dreary month of November is the perfect time to treat yourself to a Källa treatment at Nordik Spa-Nature, the largest Scandinavian spa in North America. An hour in the Källa pool is the same as four hours of sleep—how about that?

An evening with Experience Food

Sundays through Thursdays in November, Experience Food offers private gourmet tours in various neighbourhoods in the National Capital Region. Get a bunch of friends together, pick a date, and go on a foodie adventure where you’ll sample the fare at four local restaurants.

Indoor paintball? But of course!

Now there’s a place in the Outaouais where you can play paintball indoors, and that place is Top Paintball! Put on your gear and have a blast in a 14,000-square-foot playing area dotted with inflatable obstacles. Fun times guaranteed!

Click here for our list of 15 activities to chase away the November gloom. Give them a try and you’ll never think of November the same way again!

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