The Outaouais, a region rich in homegrown products!

Published on August 10 2020

Our region is home to dozens of passionate food artisans and delicious local products. Now is the time to discover the flavours of the Outaouais and meet its agritourism creators!

A 100% local market basket and a gourmet tourist route

Croquez l’Outaouais has an extensive directory of businesses and farmers’ markets in the Outaouais Region.

Croquez l’Outaouais

Here’s the ultimate guide to the region’s agritourism destinations! From local cheeses to meat, fruits and vegetables and honey, not to mention fresh-roasted coffee, artisanal chocolate, confectionery and alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverages, Croquez l’Outaouais (Outaouais: Bite into it) has an extensive directory of businesses and farmers’ markets where you can find local products.

Calling all aspiring locavores: Sign up for the Défi 100 % local (100% Local Challenge) now! You can set your local consumer profile and pick a challenge to tackle during the month of September. This annual event is organized by the TCBQ (Tables de concertation bioalimentaire du Québec, a provincial bio-food forum), and to motivate participants, they’ve even planned contests, exclusive features and a 100% local discovery box. Personally, I’ve set myself the challenge of eating 100% local morning, noon and night. ? I’ll keep you posted!


If you like local discoveries, you’ll love the Outaouais Gourmet Way!

The Outaouais Gourmet Way

If you like road trips and local discoveries, you’ll love the Outaouais Gourmet Way! The stops along this agritourism route invite you to discover the richness of the terroir. Tastings, tours of production facilities, and meetings with local artisans await you along this gourmet trail.

For a guide to unique gourmet experiences, download the Outaouais Gourmet Way mobile app, featuring 5 gourmet tour routes and a downloadable map. Discover 55 agritourism stops and thousands of local products!


Local discoveries and highlights

Pick your own fruits and vegetables.

A day at the farm

There’s nothing like helping to harvest the fruits and vegetables that will feed the family! Besides being an enjoyable outdoor activity, it’s rewarding to know that we’ve picked the squash, corn, tomatoes and berries that fill our pantry. At Courges & cie, you can pick your own squash and enjoy wood-fired pizza, crêpes bretonnes and doughnuts, among other delicacies. At the Potager Eardley, you can pick your own produce and purchase homemade kombucha, as well as homemade ice cream and other frozen treats.


The Outaouais region is home to some outstanding cheese makers.

27 local cheeses

In the Outaouais, we love our local cheeses! Luckily, the region is home to some outstanding cheese makers. Among them is Les Folies Bergères, an artisanal cheese factory specializing in cheeses made from sheep’s milk from their own flock. That’s not all: the store also carries goat’s milk products, fresh cheddar cheese of the day and even farm-produced meat. The Fromagerie Montebello, meanwhile, has been open only since 2011 and has already won several awards, including the bronze medal at the 2016 World Cheese Awards. It offers fresh products made with traditional skill using milk from nearby farms, and its cheeses will delight you! With five retail outlets in the Outaouais, La Trappe à fromage specializes in artisanal cheese making, ranging from its famous cheese curds (a.k.a. “squeaky cheese”) to homemade cheddars and specialty cheeses. It also stocks more than 350 cheeses from around the world, microbrewery beers and other local products.


You’ll find top-notch chocolate makers in the region.

“Did someone say chocolate?”

Everybody loves a nice bit of chocolate, especially if it’s homemade! From Montebello to Wakefield by way of Gatineau, you’ll find top-notch chocolate makers. ChocoMotive uses authentic know-how for its production. You can watch chocolate being made in the open workshop, and learn about chocolate around the world in the Economuseum dedicated to chocolate! Rochef Chocolatier is known for specialty chocolate products such as truffles, a range of dark chocolate bars, and delectable gift baskets. The Wakefield Confectionery makes not only chocolates, but also maple products, sponge toffee, and assorted jams and jellies. If you’re in the area, you absolutely have to drop in and sample some of their famous fudge! Chocolats Favoris specializes in liquid chocolate—ice cream dips and fondue chocolate, all in 12 exquisite flavours!


After you’ve stocked up on local products, why not find a comfortable spot in one of the Outaouais’ many green spaces to enjoy a picnic with friends or family?

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