An outing with friends to Parc Omega

Published on June 16 2022

Looking for an original activity to do with friends? Why not combine a road trip, a Canadian safari experience and a few laughs? Summer at Parc Omega offers all this and more! 

Saturday. Early morning. The gates of Parc Omega open and the elk rush to the entrance to greet us, some wearing their best smiles. My friends Samantha, Étienne and Stéphanie and I have decided to take advantage of the good weather to observe Canadian wild animals in their natural habitat. 

A warm welcome

As soon as we enter the park, the elk welcome us in a big way and we’re instantly transported back to childhood. It’s amazing how meeting the gaze of such a beautiful wild animal can take you back to another time—a time when you bickered over carrots; a time when you wanted to be in the front row, captivated by being so close to our beloved wildlife. 

A few moments later, we come to our senses and realize that the half-open windows of the car have attracted a crowd: elk looking for carrots. We’re surrounded. Some of the elk even have their tongues out, and they do a great job of washing the windows! Our collective thought: “We should have brought more carrots!” 

Several carrots later, the elk continue on their way and so do we. We check the bag of this extremely desirable vegetable. Everything is fine, we still have provisions! We admire the sunny landscape, the wild boars rolling in the mud and the natural flora and fauna. It’s a beautiful day for a visit to the park. 

Hello, Land of the Pioneers!

After travelling part of the route through the park, we arrive at Zone 11, the Land of the Pioneers. You can continue your journey without stopping, but in my opinion, this attraction is a must. It turns out that Étienne and Stéphanie have never stopped here before. So many discoveries to make! 

Perfect for stretching your legs, Zone 11 is also a good spot to try alternative experiences to the car ride, in addition to feeding white-tailed deer, visiting the trading post (a fur trade museum), eating a picnic, enjoying an ice cream or ordering a delicious light meal made with local ingredients at the Cookerie. 

For our part, we begin our visit to the Land of the Pioneers by taking one of the hiking trails (there are a short one and a longer one) to get to the Old Farm. Dating back to the days of the early settlers and now restored, this farm is home to roosters, sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, rabbits, pheasants and more. Get out your phones and take some pictures with the farm animals! 

During our visit, we even witness the ingenuity of the sheep as they plan their great escape. One sheep has managed to squeeze between the wooden bars of the enclosure, and is urging its fellow sheep on to freedom. Moments later, a park attendant and Chewy, the farm’s sheepdog, herd the sheep into another pen. What a hilarious scene, a great image of a day on the farm! 

Back on the trail, we head for the wolf observatory. This is probably one of the most popular attractions in Zone 11, and with good reason! You’ll see a pack of grey wolves at such close quarters that you’ll get chills. They are magnificent and imposing animals. Once we arrive at the site, we pause on the observatory walkway to watch the specialist feed the wolves. As he feeds them, he explains their lifestyle and hierarchy. After this experience, you’ll be an expert on wolf behaviour … or almost! 

Back in the car, we make our way towards the park exit. Along the way, we see mountain goats, Alpine ibexes and … bears. In the distance, some cinnamon bear cubs are playing together and rolling around in the grass. During the summer months, keep your eyes peeled, as the cubs are often up in the trees!

No matter what your age, an outing to Parc Omega offers lots to see and do, and a few good laughs. Definitely something to put on your summer bucket list! 


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