A perfect day at Snowflake Kingdom

Published on February 7 2018

by Stephen Johnson, contributor of the Ottawa Family Living

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Snow tubing, dogsledding and eating BeaverTails were just a few of the fun activities we experienced at the Snowflake Kingdom for the Fortieth edition of Winterlude.  

After checking the weather, my wife, Sandy, son, David and I jumped in the car and parked at Ottawa City Hall. We were able to take free public transit (aptly known as the Sno-Bus) from Confederation Park to the new location of the Snowflake Kingdom at Jacques Cartier Park North just past the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge.  

Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson

Family fun!

Let the fun begin!

Upon entering the gates, David’s attention immediately became transfixed on the snow slides. The lineups were not too long so we soon got a two person inner tube and were at the top of the hill.  As is often the case, I seem to get intertwined in David’s adventures. I provided the heavy weight in the back and David was steering the ship. We hurtled down the slide in what I am sure was a new Olympic record. We were satisfied with our run and wanted to check out more of the park.  

I was impressed with the number of activities that were going on besides Winterlude classics. We saw an impressive Extreme Aerial Acrobatic and Trampo-Wall show. I am sure they will not be asking me to join their troupe any time soon! We also visited the Parks Canada Discovery Space and the Indigenous Village where we learned about the rich history of the First Nations people of the area.  

Soon enough, David caught sight of the dogsledding. You have to pay for the activity but it is well worth it. David, Sandy and I piled on to one sled and we were soon off to the races. It was a great introduction to the sport and left us wanting to experience a full day of dog sledding.   

A perfect day indeed!

Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson

David enjoying his Beavertail

Hunger was starting to creep up on us and that could only mean one thing – BeaverTails! We ordered two chocolate BeaverTails with hot chocolate and found a nearby picnic bench. I am always impressed by how David is able to get fifty percent of the chocolate inside his mouth and the other fifty percent on his snowsuit, hands, toque, boots, etc. The BeaverTails were a tasty treat that went perfectly with the hot chocolate.   

We passed by the kids zone which looked like a lot of fun with giant games and kids-themed activities.  

We finished our time at the Snowflake Kingdom by checking out the various snow sculptures. I am always amazed by the incredible artistry and work that must go into the sculptures.   

We left the gates of Snowflake Kingdom and caught the nearby shuttle bus back to Ottawa wrapping up the perfect winter day.  

Winterlude and the Snowflake Kingdom will be running from February 2 to 19th.    

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