The Flamingo and the Caribou

Published on March 10 2017

March means springtime and maple sugar shacks. But before we get to enjoy the sight of trees budding and the sound of baby birds peeping in their nests, we have to endure a few more weeks of unpredictable weather, a joyful mix of cold, snow, freezing rain, mud and slush that poses a real challenge when it comes to deciding what to wear. Let’s just say it can be tempting to escape to a tropical beach while awaiting the return of the Canada geese.

Whether you’re among those who can’t wait for the last tenacious snowbanks to melt, or those who’d like the ski season to last just a little longer, it’s always nice to crank up the thermostat a bit, and the Casino du Lac-Leamy has come up with a theme that transports us to the warm beaches of Brazil while keeping our northern-ness intact: Copacabanashak.

The spirit of tropical Québec

Who says a hat with earflaps and Bermuda shorts don’t go together? A plaid Hawaiian shirt or a fetching combination of ceinture fléchée and flamingo-shaped sunglasses would be perfect for this theme. But don’t worry, you’ll be welcome no matter what you’re wearing. The most important thing is to get into the Copacabanashak spirit!

At the entrance, the first thing you see is a rustic log cabin (the kind you might come across after a long snowshoeing excursion) with a dogsled parked beside it. The only thing is, the cabin is surrounded not by majestic conifers but by exotic palm trees, and the dog pulling the sled is pink, with a long neck and a beak … The ideal setting for a truly wacky selfie (which you’ll tag #casinolacleamy and #outaouaisfun, of course) that will set the tone for the evening!

Caliente activities

Special activities get underway Thursdays at 6 p.m, with The Duel. To participate, you have to fill out a form you can get in several ways; contestants are selected by random draw every half-hour. A virtual battle ensues as a flamingo and an elk square off. It’s entertaining for viewers, and contestants can win up to a million dollars!!!

Photo: Josée Laurin-Jolicoeur, Casino du Lac-Leamy
Photo: Josée Laurin-Jolicoeur, Casino du Lac-Leamy

You can also settle in at the Bar 7 and sip a Gaspésien libre or a Quebecer, delectable cocktails made with Quebec spirits, some with a little hint of maple. I tested them all for you, and they’re all winners! While you wait for taffy on snow, let the DJ’s soundscape take you far away to a beach in Brazil (or the shore of Lac St‑Jean, for that matter).

Photo: Josée Laurin-Jolicoeur, Casino du Lac-Leamy
Photo: Josée Laurin-Jolicoeur, Casino du Lac-Leamy

Friday already? Bring your best beach funk to the dance floor! Head to the Zone for an interactive dance competition. You could win a trip to the sunny beaches of Rio or the frosty glaciers of Iceland. It’s time to show off your best square-dance moves to a tropical beat!

Don’t forget to check out the programming at the ALÉA nightclub over the next few weeks, especially Scandibiza on April 1. A sizzling evening with the zest of an Arctic fjord!

Of course, the Casino also offers all kinds of entertainment. The new slot machines are more interactive than ever, featuring characters like Ted the bear, Britney Spears, Pitbull and other pop culture icons (including the 1960s versions of Batman and Robin!).

All in all, a great evening, whether you side with the flamingo or the caribou, fir tree or coconut palm, dogsled or surfboard.

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