Things to do in the Outaouais in March

Published on February 28 2022

March is your ultimate opportunity to enjoy all the winter activities that require beautiful snow before it all melts! It’s also a time for family fun and maple products. Here are some suggestions for enjoyable activities this month.

Make the most of spring break

Spring break means family activities, and the Outaouais has lots of options for keeping the kids busy and channeling all that energy. If your family loves climbing, the Altitude Gym climbing centre is a unique destination that you absolutely must visit. With over 100 climbing routes and a Clip ’N Climb theme park, there’s a challenge for everyone! And since spring break lasts a whole week, we have several other indoor activity ideas to share with you. 

Are you more interested in playing outdoors? Kids and adults alike are sure to love these 5 tube sliding spots!

Indulge your sweet tooth at a sugar shack

Can you smell the sweet aroma of maple taffy? You don’t need to dig into your olfactory memory—just go back to the sugar shack! And since maple season always seems too short, we welcome it with open arms every year. Now is the time to (re)discover the sugar shacks of the Outaouais!

What’s more, you can experience the best of the Outaouais’ sweet local products thanks to the 100% Local Box – Everything Maple. In the comfort of your home, test these products by cooking your own sugar shack meal! 

Dash through the snow on a dog sled

Follow in the footsteps (or sled tracks) of our ancestors and travel the snowy trails of the Outaouais with the help of a well-trained pack of dogs! Invented by the Indigenous peoples of the North, this means of transportation has become a unique, must-try winter activity. Not only will you meet beautiful Nordic dogs, but you’ll be surprised by the speed of the sled and its team! Find out where to go to try this unusual experience.

Ottawa Tourism
Ottawa Tourism

Visit the national museums

Canada’s Capital Region has the highest concentration of national museums in the country, so you’d be crazy not to take advantage of it! Check out the Canadian Museum of History, Canada’s most visited museum, and its new exhibition, Lost Liberties. The exhibition explores the impact of the War Measures Act on Canadians during the First and Second World Wars and the 1970 October Crisis. The fundamental question: How do we preserve personal freedoms while ensuring national security? A must-see!

Discover the region by fat bike

Fat biking (also called snow biking or winter biking) is growing and attracting more enthusiasts every year! If you’re one of them, good news: the Outaouais region has an interesting variety of places where you can practise this increasingly popular sport. And if you’re just starting out, no worries: we have trails for you, and some places even offer equipment rentals. Check out our top 5 places to go for your next fatbike ride!


For even more suggestions, consult the full program on our Events page.

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