Top 10 of the Outaouais’s new features!

Published on May 11 2016

1-The Everglades on our doorstep!

Explore Gatineau’s marshlands aboard an airboat at Bayou Outaouais! Unique in Canada, this one-hour excursion will introduce you to the flora and fauna of McLaurin Bay Park, a vast wildlife reserve currently being developed just 15 minutes from downtown.

2- Geo-rally on a GeoBike!

At Explora Geo-Rallye, go on a thrilling one-of-a-kind adventure on a GeoBike, a fully electric ATV! No licence is required, which makes this a great activity for teens 14 years and older. Children under 14 can also participate as co-pilots on a two-seat GeoBike or three-wheel ELF (an enclosed, three-wheeled electric vehicle).,


3- To complement its great program of eco-educational activities, the Ferme Moore urban farm (operated by the Centre d’écologie et d’agriculture urbaine de Gatineau) has just opened a Café-Bistro-Boutique. The “manager/host” provides a warm welcome, in a convivial setting that reflects the Centre’s mission and the venue’s rustic architecture. It’s an ideal place to take a break on a city cycling trip (the recreational bike path runs right by the farm).


4- A heritage hotel reopens for business!

After more than four years of renovations, the British Hotel is reopening! Built in 1834, “the British” has been an inn for weary travellers passing through Aylmer to take the steamboat up the Ottawa River, a world-class performance venue, and a gathering place for Canada’s post-Confederation elite. Made of stone and wood, with walls over a metre thick, the building has been painstakingly restored to its former glory and updated with all modern conveniences.


5- Already known for its 13 km of hiking trails and its 426-metre-high lookout (accessible on foot or by car), Parc des Montagnes Noires is adding a new attraction this summer: a mountain biking trail! The 6‑km circuit includes a 2‑km double-diamond loop and a 4-km multipurpose trail.


6- A new eco-campground!

Pitch your tent at Camping Lac 31 Milles this summer! With some 40 campsites spread over a 7.5-hectare property, this rustic campground promotes eco-responsibility, particularly recycling and the use of solar power. Swim in one of Quebec’s most beautiful lakes, bask on the beach, and explore the hiking trails.



7- Relive the gold rush at the Canadian Museum of History!

From April 8, 2016 to January 15, 2017, visit the Canadian Museum of History and relive the tumultuous days of gold’s discovery in British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon. Through more than 280 artifacts, Gold Rush! – El Dorado in British Columbia invites visitors to travel back to 1858 and meet some of the tens of thousands of fortune-seeking prospectors who dreamed of astonishing finds—like the huge Turnagain Nugget.


8- Enjoy a fine meal in a Far West setting!

Looking for an unusual dining experience? Visit Bryson’s Bistro du Bûcheron in Bryson, in the Pontiac! The hay barn built in 1850 for George Bryson, Sr. (who also happens to be the current owner’s great-great-grandfather) has been relocated and reinvented as a restaurant.


9- Midnight stargazing!

This summer, Escapade Eskimo is offering a new activity: stargazing! The Pontiac is known for its dark skies and low levels of light pollution, so it’s ideal for admiring the beauty of the night sky.


10 – Paragliding in the Pontiac.

The only place in the Outaouais to go paragliding, Brennan’s Recreational Farms, will literally blow your feet off the ground! You can jump east, west or south and the winds will do the rest. Many activities to enjoy there: the spectacular scenery in the mountains, fishing, horseback riding, and much more. They also have four cottages for rent, so you can rest and get back to earth.

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