Welcome to Vegas at the Casino du Lac-Leamy!

Published on September 24 2019 - Sponsored

Until October 13, the Casino du Lac-Leamy glitters with all the glamour, excitement and intensity of Las Vegas! Discover a program packed with flavour, entertainment and celebrities!

It’s happy hour at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, and they’ve concocted a Vegas-style cocktail, Le Cirque, that’s appropriately fancy and sparkling! If you like sweet drinks, you’ll love this one: it’s made with coconut liqueur, fruit vodka, cranberry juice and—wait for it—cotton candy! Drinking it is almost as much fun as watching the Bar 7 barman create it: the cloud of cotton candy he places atop the drink magically dissolves and turns the drink candy-pink. A treat for the eyes as well as the palate!

A little taste of Vegas!

Vegas is all about extravagance, decadence and excess—more than enough to inspire any chef! Until October 13, treat yourself to the Vegas-style platter at Arîme Seafood and Grill, featuring three flavour-packed gourmet appetizers: lobster mac and cheese, mini burgers with dry-aged beef and Quebec blue cheese, and tempura shrimp tortillas. Believe me, it’s all as delicious as it sounds! Special mention to the lobster mac and cheese, which is officially the best I’ve ever tasted. A platter to share, a glass of wine 
 the evening is off to a great start. Take the opportunity to discover Arîme’s varied and elaborate menu featuring local products!

Vegas-style platter

Vegas-style fun!

And now, make way for fun: make your way to the Casino du Lac-Leamy’s main entrance for a high-energy performance with lots of sequins! Dalida (drag queen version) makes her appearance with an upbeat version of Laissez-moi danser. As the closing bars of the classic song die away, she’s joined on stage by Jennifer Lopez and Tina Turner lookalikes. Not only are they dead ringers for the two Hollywood icons, they sound like them as well!

No trip to Vegas would be complete without a visit to the Chapel of Love to see the King! You can say “I do” (for fun) with Elvis officiating and Chewbacca and Wonder Woman as witnesses. A truly unforgettable experience!

The best part of all this? Vegas Nights at the Casino du Lac-Leamy are on until October 13, Friday to Sunday!

Pssst! Are you ready to go all out? Treat yourself to a gourmet meal at Le Baccara!

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