How to watch the colours like a pro!

Published on October 4 2017

Cover photo: National Capital Commission


"Wow I can't wait to see the fall colours in the Outaouais! Is it on yet?"

Yup! Got here kinda late but it's starting! Here's a list of awesome places to watch them throughout the Outaouais.

"Awesome! How about Gatineau Park? When is that happening?"

Fall Rhapsody started on September 30 and is on until October 22!

"Duly noted. Expecting a lot of people?"

Huh, yeah. But there's a superb way to go watch the leaves without your vehicle, therefore reducing trafic and wait times: free shuttles! The National Commission, with partners Camp Fortune, Outaouais Tourism and the STO, brings you a free shuttle service on the week-ends connecting downtown Ottawa to all the best places in the Park. It is quite awesome, as the interactive map below will show you.

There are actually two shuttles, working as follows:



By the way, once you're in the Park, here are a few tips to enjoy your experience to the max:

  • For the best photo ops: Champlain, Étienne-Brûlé, Huron, Pink Lake Lookouts, the Mackenzie-King Estate and King Mountain (the highest point in the park!) are musts. The NCC also its own recommandations right here on its blog.
  • Camp Fortune has many ways to enjoy the fall, including a chairlift ride to the top of the mountain!
  • Clothing-wise, think layers! It is fall: better having too many that you can remove than not having enough and freezing!
  • Bring water and snacks! If you go for a hike, you'll be happy to have them.
  • Remember to check the trails map: there are trails for everyobdy and you want your exeperince to be memorable for the right reasons!
  • Take pictures! The NCC has a contest to find the best fall picture! Don't forget to tag them #outaouaisfun and #fallrhapsody
  • If you bring your dog, remember he can't follow you everywhere!
  • For a post-rhapsody treat, check out these awesome eateries by the park!

"Wow this is great! I'm sure to enjoy fall like a pro, this year!"

You sure will, beautiful person! You sure will.


To not miss a thing in the region remember to check out!


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