Week of August 18: what to do in the Outaouais region?

Published on August 18 2014

It’s “back to school” in a few days but before that, you still have some nice summer days to enjoy more family outings. To earn points with your kids and make their vacations the best, here are 3 activities where they will make amazing animal encounters... But be careful, you might also fall back into your childhood!

Meet real live Bambis

In Sainte‑Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, stop in at the White-Tailed Deer Interpretation Centre to learn all about these majestic animals. Be sure to visit the fawns in their enclosure: they’ll be released into the wild in October, after the hunting season. Free activities for the whole family!

Dog sledding without the snow

Meet some of the fastest sled dogs on the planet and learn the basics of mushing with a half-day session at Timberland Tours Dog Sled Adventures! Experienced guides will teach you how to harness and drive a team of race dogs. Afterwards, enjoy a ride with family and friends aboard the dryland wagon custom-made for sand-covered trails.

Meet orphaned animals

Contacts Nature is a refuge for orphaned wild animals. Get ready to meet a coyote, skunks, racoons, a red fox, a goose and more! All best friends of the owner, George-Etienne who takes care of them before releasing them back into nature.

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