Winter at Parc Omega: a kingdom of family activities

Published on January 21 2022

Discovering animals in the heart of the wilderness is a popular activity for all ages. My family andI are regulars at the park, but even so, we were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of winter activities available on the site. Discover or rediscover a classic that never goes out of style: Parc Omega!

Before driving along the 12-km trail through the park, we make the obligatory stop at the Maison du Parc to fill up on our favourite beverage and buy our bag of carrots.

Because we are eagerly awaited …

White-tailed deer, elk and fallow deer are licking their lips as we arrive. These visitor favourites wait patiently for us to open the car window and offer them their carrots.

We’re impressed by the caribou’s massive antlers, amazed by the mother boar suckling her young, charmed by the little Bambis, and surprised by the bison licking the salt off the cars.

On the trail of the silver fox

But were most interested in the parks newest residents. Last fall, Parc Omega introduced some silver foxes to keep the Rocky Mountain goats company. This unlikely cohabitation is going well, since goats prefer heights whereas foxes like underground burrows. In addition to occupying different ecosystems, these two species arent in a predator/prey relationship because the foxes, although carnivorous, hunt only small animals.

Reaching new heights!

My daughter’s favourite thing is definitely the hanging bridge, a magical walk from tree to tree to the sound of charming music. It’s like being in a fairy tale! 

Parc Omega is more than just a car ride. There are lots of different activities to try!

More winter fun

One of the new activities is a dogsled ride along trails through the forest. It’s always impressive to hear dozens of dogs barking frantically, then suddenly falling silent as soon as the sled starts moving. We love this foray into the world of dogsledding. 

After encountering about 20 species of wildlife native to the northern hemisphere, we arrive at the Land of the Pioneers. A single location offering various activities within walking distance—it’s a dream come true! 

When you visit, you’ll be struck by the many upgrades to the facility. The food offer has improved, the souvenir shop has expanded, and there are now several places to eat by the fire. For history buffs, the trading post welcomes you to the days of the fur trade and explains how the first exchanges between Indigenous people and coureurs des bois took place in the 17th century.

Before going for a horse-drawn carriage ride, the little guy (or is it dad?) wants to feed the deer at the edge of the forest. Why not? They’re standing right next to the wolf observatory. With a guide on hand to answer all our questions, this interactive part of the site adds to the experience. It’s a great opportunity to talk to a wildlife expert.

If you have children of different interests or ages, Parc Omega is the ideal destination: while one kid is sliding, the other(s) can skate or snowshoe. So lace up your skates by the fire and enjoy winter activities in the heart of the forest!

Good to know

Skating, snowshoeing, tubing and horse-drawn carriage rides are free with admission, conditions permitting. You can borrow trolleys for the hiking trails, as well as sleds and snowshoes. Dogsledding is available for an additional fee.


For a sensory adventure, plan a return visit in summer or fall for Oméga by Night, a magical sound and light experience.

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