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Here are a few of the ways Outaouais Tourism can help you:

  • Act as your liaison with various stakeholders (request for proposals, service suppliers).
  • Organize personalized visits to hotels and potential meeting venues.
  • Give a presentation about the destination to your organization’s decision makers.
  • Suggest activities for your participants and their companions (transportation, themed activities, pre- and post-event).
Annie Léveillée

Sales Manager, Sports, Culture and Business Markets

Telephone: 819-778-2530x ext. 236

Caroline Lefebvre

Consultant, Business Development

Telephone: 819-778-2530x ext. 233


  Located just two hours from Montreal, the city of Gatineau and the Outaouais region comprise a diversified, vibrant and thriving business destination that attracts over 3.2 million visitors yearly. Offering both convenience and diversity, the Outaouais is a multifaceted region with an ideal combination of urban amenities and natural beauty.This charming region is packed with inspiring places where you can revitalize your spirit, sparkinnovation, and enjoy warm local hospitality. With more than 150 meeting rooms, a state-of-the-art convention centre, an impressive, high-quality sports centre, a rich array of cultural offerings, and a wide selection of outdoor activities, the Outaouais is an ideal destination for business meetings. Outaouais Tourism is a leader in turnkey event planning. Our expert team of tourism and travel advisors is standing by to help you locatea unique and memorable venue for your next event. Working with various regional partners and suppliers, we’ll be happy to organize personalizedvisits, propose a range of activities for your participants and their companions, and help you find the perfect place for your meeting or convention.

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Familiarization Tours

Individual Tours

You’ve never visited the Outaouais, and your busy schedule makes it impossible for you to participate in a group tour? You’d like to find out more about our region, because you’re considering organizing an event in the Outaouais? We have the solution: let us set up a one‑ or two‑day individual familiarization tour just for you! We’ll tailor the tour to meet your specific requirements in terms of accommodation and meeting facilities. To book an individual familiarization tour, please complete the online form (link below) and submit it to our sales team for processing.

Group Tours

Group familiarization tours are an ideal way for Outaouais Tourism to introduce event planners to the magnificent Outaouais region. We organize a few group tours a year, targeting the Montreal/Quebec City and Ottawa/Toronto markets. These tours allow each group between 10 to 20 visiting planners to visit our region’s hotels, conference centre, and major attractions. To join one of our group familiarization tours, please complete the online form (link below) and submit it to our sales team for processing.


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