Les Chemins d'eau

Discover the heritage of the Outaouais

Welcome in the Outaouais, on Les Chemins d'eau tourist route.

When entering Les Chemins d'eau, look for the information terminals where you will find a QR code. Scan the QR code on the seven terminals installed all along the way and enter to participate in our contest. Seven terminals, so seven chances to win!

In addition, download exclusive podcasts on the heritage of the Outaouais and its territories.


Episode 7

Gatineau: a river highway for trade?

Guests: Michel Riberdy, Roger Blanchette, Raymond Ouimet

Learn how the wood and fur industries were important components in the creation of the region, thanks in particular to the Ottawa River in Gatineau. Moreover, in this episode, we learn how the production of matches (and matchstick houses) began.