Les Chemins d'eau

Discover the heritage of the Outaouais

Welcome in the Outaouais, on Les Chemins d'eau tourist route.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Outaouais through a series of podcast episodes dedicated to Les Chemin d’eau tourist route! With captivating stories and fascinating anecdotes, you'll discover the heritage of the region and its territories. After listening, follow Les Chemins d'eau, stopping at the seven information terminals along the way and seeing for yourself the beauty that comes with history.


Episode 11

Adventures without limits in the Pontiac

Guests: Benoit Paré, Suzanne, Guillaume Lavoie-Harvey

Do you like ancestral houses? In this area, you will be spoiled. As the guests of this podcast explain, Pontiac is a vast territory rich in possibilities. Take a detour along the Coulonge River: the White Bridge and Coulonge Chutes will enchant you. As the podcast demonstrates, the charm in the Pontiac will keep you in the region longer.

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