Les Chemins d'eau

Discover the heritage of the Outaouais

Welcome in the Outaouais, on Les Chemins d'eau tourist route.

When entering Les Chemins d'eau, look for the information terminals where you will find a QR code. Scan the QR code on the seven terminals installed all along the way to download exclusive podcasts on the heritage of the Outaouais and its territories.


Episode 5

Petite Nation, a popular destination for celebrities

Guests: Marie Josée Bourgeois and Richard Chartrand

Did you know that in Montebello, there used to be a Lordship Club full of Hollywood stars? Marie Josée Bourgeois reveals this in this podcast. She discusses Petite Nation, focusing on Duhamel, a well-kept secret in this territory where adventure, nature and relaxation are three important pillars.





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