WHAT TO DO from May 11 to 17: Mom, for Mother's Day I give you...

May 11 2017

... tickets to a show!

Cirque du Soleil's Volta will be in town this summer and you don't want to miss it! No, summer hasn't been cancelled and it's going to be very very #outaouaisfun!

… flowers by the thousands!

The Canadian Tulip Festival  starts this week-end and what a great occasion to take Mome among thousands of flowers! There's quite a program, too! It might rain this week-end? No worries, the festival is on until May 22.

… a nice dinner at home (without making a mess)!

Pastina is THE place for a sumptuous meal without spending the whole day in the kitchen. Check out their menu and bring back a real feast for Mom.


… the chance to pet kitties!

Mom misses Whiskers, the cat she had as a kid? She's in a relaxing mood? The Siberian Cat Café in Chelsea is the place P.S. The rocking chair is the best place if you want the cats to come and sit on your lap.


… the chance to be a real fashionista!

Our shopping centres have upped their game recently and there are more and more nice stores in the region! There are also charming little boutiques like Le Local, where Mom can upgrade her wardrobe with 100% canadian creations!

… a ride on the bayou!

Mom is an explorer at heart? She loves nature and loves watching wildlife in its natural habitat? An airboat ride in McLaurin Bay with Bayou- Outaouais will show her a lush natural reserv, right here in Gatineau!


Now playing!


May 11 Patrice Michaud  Salle Odyssée 8pm
May 11 Ian Kelly  Salle Jean-Despréz 8pm
May 12 LAB87 | Tribus  Salle Odyssée 8pm
May 12 Safia Nolin  Cabaret La Basoche 8pm
May 13 LAB87 | Tribus  Salle Odyssée 8pm
May 13 Safia Nolin  Cabaret La Basoche 8pm
May 17  Vincent Vallières  Salle Odyssée 8pm
May 17  Mambo Italiano  Théâtre de l'Île 8pm


May 17 Ottawa Welcomes the World : Haïti Lansdowne Park

Family activities

May 14 Tendre Salle Jean-Despréz 2pm
May 14 Tendre Salle Jean-Despréz 9:30am

And you can always goto www.outaouaistourism.com to know all that's going on!