October 5 to 11: Family activities for every age group

October 5 2015

This week, why not have some #outaouaisfun with the whole family… whether you have toddlers… or teenagers!

Amazing animals at Les Trois Coteaux heritage farm

Most kids are crazy about animals, which is why they love visiting Les Trois Coteaux heritage farm. The only venture of its kind in Outaouais, the farm specializes in native flora and fauna, including more than 160 animals of a dozen different species of old and hardy breeds. Meet Wotan the Canadienne bull, three sanglochon pigs—a cross between a wild boar (sanglier) and a domestic pig (cochon)—, 22 Champagne d’Argent rabbits, two dozen guinea hens, and a huge flock of chickens of various species (you can collect fresh eggs to take home!). Take the guided tour, then go for a hike in the fresh air along the 2‑km walking trail, whose highest point offers a stunning view of the farm and surrounding area. There are three rest stops with picnic tables along the trail. As for dad, he’ll enjoy checking out the collection of vintage 1970s tractors and farm equipment, and picking up some wild freezer meat for the BBQ.

Please reserve 24 hours ahead.

Hunting the elusive pumpkin at Camp Explora

A visit to Camp Explora, in the charming village of Montebello, is always an exciting adventure. If you and your kids haven’t yet tried this unique combination of treasure hunt and riddles, you’re in for a great time!

Until November 1, besides the usual treasure hunt, there are pumpkins hidden in the woods. Young adventurers are invited to set out in an electric ATV, find the pumpkins along the treasure route, and unscramble the mystery word formed by the letters painted on the pumpkins. At the end of the hunt, the winning team will get a special treat. Good luck!

Outdoor fun at Complexe Amigo family activity centre

The whole family will have a blast at Complexe Amigo family activity centre, with a host of outdoor activities for the young … and the young at heart! Test your skill as a racing driver with a few laps around the 1.1‑km karting track, with four different kart models for different age groups. Even the youngest aspiring NASCAR driver can take a turn, accompanied by an adult. There’s also the Mini-Amigo children’s park, with Kiddy Kars, ATVs, trampolines, inflatable structures, a sand pit and play structures. Definitely fun for everyone!

But don’t delay, because like it or not, the cold weather will soon be upon us. Top Karting closes October 25, and Mini-Amigo closes October 12.

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