Come play outside!

The Outaouais is calling and it wants you to play with it! It has mountains, plains, valleys, canyons, lakes and rivers so you're sure to have a good time.
First off, let's start with a unique treasure hunt. Equipped with an electric ATV and an iPad, you will have to find clues around Mount Westcott in Montebello. Your mission is to solve as many riddles about the Seigniory Club, a long gone organization that helped Montebello become the resort it is today. After eating a bite, go discover the Plaisance Falls. A lookout and walking trails will show you the site's natural beauty. Then, head to Parc national de Plaisance to end your day in a nature lover's paradise. Walking trails, bike trails, canoe and kayak and the best ways to enjoy this natural wonder that around 230 species of birds call home at some point during the year. Birdwatchers will be delighted! You might also catch a glimpse of the many sepcies of turtles living in the park. At night, go to bed in a cozy ready-to-camp Huttopia tent after an epic bonfire.

1 day

Points of interest

497, rue Notre-Dame
Montebello (Québec) J0V 1L0

With an electric all-terrain vehicle (geobike) and an iPad, you will participate in an electrifying rally like no other. You will uncover the many clues hidden on Mount Wescott in Montebello, while discovering its natural beauty and fascinating history. Your mission is to solve as many riddles as possible to increase your chances of winning our prizes.

140 m
Head to Délice Champêtre by foot and discover the regional products featured in this gourmet snack bar. Perhaps you'd like to try the pulled pork poutine, smoked in their very own smokehouse?
Délice Champêtre
497, rue Notre-Dame
Montebello (Québec) J0V 1R0

A gourmet snack bar that emphasizes local products. Belgium fries, burgers of high quality, refined poutines and hot dogs with european sausages. Délice Champêtre also offers a variety of soft ice creams and gelato flavours prepared on site as well.

20,5 km
The Falls have played a major role in the history of the now defunct town of North Nation Mills, in the 1800s. The visit will teach you how the falls' 63 metre drop proved prefect to built a sawmill and help develop the Petite-Nation.
Plaisance Falls
100, chemin Malo
Plaisance (Québec) J0V 1S0

Visit the Plaisance Falls historic site, a great spot for a picnic with family or friends! A scenic lookout, observation points and a hiking trail let you get right up close to the site’s spectacular natural beauty. With their 63-metre vertical drop, the Falls were an important economic factor in the founding of the 19th-century village of North Nation Mills (now only a memory). On-site interpretive activities bring to life this important part of the history of the Petite-Nation.

6 km
If you brought your bike, you'll be able to explore the new Carrière trail connecting Thurso to the Presqu'îles sector of the park, through woods that were not accessible until very recently. keep your eyes open for the 50 metre Canada goose!
Cycling trail from Plaisance to Thurso

Plaisance (Québec)

Take your time biking through different habitats, with no cars or traffic lights, while breathing the sweet fragrances of the Ottawa River. For 26 km, you'll be enchanted by the Petite Presqu'île and Grande Presqu'île trails or those of the Thurso sector. Since summer of 2013, La Carrière cycling path links the Presqu’Iles and Thurso sectors of the park.