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The Outaouais is a land of many flavours! Not only do we have passionate producers who excel at their craft, we also have restaurateurs who've made quite a reputation using products from the Outaouais. These artisans are listed in the Outaouais Gourmet Way, a must for epicureans wishing to explore the region's bounty. In the eastern part of the circuit, beer, wine and cider fans will be enchanted. So will fine cheese afficionados, who will fell like they're in heaven, only the angels are replaced with cows and ewes. And the few who pretend not to like chocolate will be converted once they try the Outaouais'.

Start your day picking apples or sampling tasty ciders at Verger Croque-Pomme and head for Fromagerie les Folies Bergères to fill up on sheep or goat cheese. Stop by Domaine Mont-Vézeau and get yourself a good bottle to drink with the fine chocolates you'll find at ChocoMotive. Your taste buds will thank you for a beautiful day!

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20 Berndt Montée
Thurso (Québec) J0X 3B0

On summer weekends, Verger Croque-pomme orchard invites visitors to purchase hard or sweet apple cider, walk around the farm, visit an educational beehive, stroll through a garden of aromatic plants, and have fun in the play area. In the wooden gazebo overlooking the fields, savour a glass of cider with a light snack or a tasty crêpe bretonne. In the fall, you can pick your own apples, squash and pumpkins.

22.5 km
As you drive through Thurso, the hometown of Guy Lafleur, you can stop and admire the Flower Power's statue, erected in his honour. Stay on Road 317 until you get to the Fromagerie, which will be on your left.
955 Hwy 317
Saint-Sixte (Québec) J0X 3B0

Les Folies Bergères is an artisanal cheese factory specializing in cheese made from sheep's milk produced by our own flock of ewes. We also offer cheddar made fresh Bailly from cow's milk sourced from local farms, and a line of goat's milk products. All our products are made by hand, with an emphasis on quality and authenticity.

29 km
A gourmet trip in La Petite-Nation la Lièvre wouldn't be complete without a stop at ChocoMotive to try their exquisite chocolate. While there, you can also visit their chocolate economuseum, which will demystify this popular delicacy for you.
502 Notre-Dame Street
Montebello (Québec) J0V 1L0

ChocoMotive is an artisanal chocolate company that uses authentic know-how to make its products. Visit the chocolate shop, watch chocolate being made in the open workshop, and learn about chocolate around the world! ChocoMotive offers a traditional array of pralines and seasonal moldings, as well as an assortment of organic and fair-trade chocolates made with local and native products. ChocoMotive is a member of the international Economuseum network. Guided tours for groups of 12 or more available on request.

0.5 km
Since you're in Montebello, why not end your day on a gourmet note at Aux Chantignoles, the Fairmont Château Montebello's restaurant, prominently featuring local flavours? It is right next to the old train station in which ChocoMotive is located.
392 Notre-Dame Street
Montebello (Québec) J0V 1L0

Delectable flavors and an awe-inspiring menu made up of fresh and seasonal products will distinguish your dining experience at Aux Chantignoles. The talented chefs are constantly pushing the envelope by developing innovative recipes, using an array of local products and inspirations. Let the courteous staff guide you through a truly unforgettable culinary experience while you immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of their log cabin.