History, great views and strawberry wine

Tuscany, Burgundy, Napa Valley, Petite-Nation... Yup! There's wine being made in the Outaouais! And good one, too! On your way to discvoer it, you'll find much more than vineyards. La Petite-Nation La Lièvre has a lot to offer: history, culture, and regional products, not to mention the hills and mountains scattered through rolling farmland and charming villages.

Start your day by learning more about local history at the Musée des pionniers and head to Le Brasse-Camarade Dépanneur spécialisé, which is both a boutique specializing in microbrewery beers and a delicatessen. Stop at Marché public de la Petite-Nation, the local market, and grab what you need for a picnic that you'll enjoy at the lookout at the Parc des Montagnes Noires, in Ripon. A day of discovery awaits!

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Points of interest

20 Bourgeois St.
Saint-André-Avellin (Québec) J0V 1W0

Surrounded by maple trees shading the statue of the guardian angel dominating the Petite-Nation, the museum houses hundreds of artifacts that capture the traditions of 19th-century pioneers. Linking the wooded trail and the mill lookout, a superb footbridge crosses the river and leads to the Saint-André-Avellin heritage route. Ingenious agricultural tools and equipment are displayed in a utility shed, while an old-fashioned gazebo welcomes speakers and choirs during holidays and other festivities.

0.3 km
71 Principale St.
Saint-André-Avellin (Québec) J0V 1W0

The charming village of St-André-Avellin now has a specialty beer store! Owners Véro and Fred have built up an impressive inventory of microbrewery beers, with new ones arriving regularly. And because one cannot live by hops alone, there’s a fine food section offering a delectable array of sausages, pâtés, cheeses, marinades, chocolate, coffee and other delights, many of them produced in the Outaouais. Check it out!

8.2 km
Open on Fridays and Saturdays, Marché public de la Petite-Nation offers not only great local products but also a wide variety of workshops for you to take part in. Getting there, you will drive through the town of Ripon, where many artists and craftspeople reside.
4 Marché St.
Ripon (Québec) J0V 1V0

Looking for a fun outing? Treat yourself to a trip to the market! You can have lunch or dinner on site, meet over a dozen local producers, and stock up on gourmet products. Depending on the season, you can buy a range of quality products, including fruits and vegetables, plants, cheese, organic flour, bread, meat, cold cuts, wine, olive oil, marinades, jams, honey, maple syrup, and personal care products.

6.2 km
Lunch in hand, head for the Montagnes Noires! You can reach the lookout by foot from the visitors' centre or you can drive up to there, if you prefer. On a nice day, you will have an incredible view of the surroundings and you'll even be able to see Mont-Tremblant in the distance!
39 De la Montagne-Noire Rd.
Ripon (Québec) J0V 1V0

The Parc des Montagnes Noires de Ripon has 14 trails (total length 24 km) for hiking, mountain biking, fat biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and board sports. Explore an 800-acre forest combining the woodland environment of the Petite-Nation and the agricultural landscape. From the top of the 12-metre observation tower at the lookout on Mont Grand-Pic, 426 metres above sea level, you can admire the Petite-Nation valley. For an overnight stay, you can rent the park’s reception chalet, a shelter or a group campsite.