Pedal boat and giant screen

If adventure is what you want, look no further! It's all happening right here in the Outaouais! You'll be given a compass, a radio, a fauna and flora guide to help you find your way around, and... a pedal boat? Indeed, Éco-Odyssée is a maze that was inspired by the beaver's habitat and dug in a marsh that you'll explore on your pedal boat. You'll have an extraordinary adventure while learning about the local wildlife!

Start by picking up your lunch at the Trappe à Fromage as you leave Gatineau. You can enjoy it at Éco-Odyssée before going on your adventure. A 6 km maze with 64 intersections is bound to be fun! By the way, each pedal boat can seat two adults and two kids, making it perfect for a family activity. Your quest over, treat the family to the sweets of Wakefield Confectionery.

day of adventure with the family

Points of interest

200 Bellehumeur St.
Gatineau (Québec) J8T 8N6

La Trappe à fromage specializes in artisanal cheese making, ranging from its famous fresh-daily cheese curds to house cheddars and specialty cheeses such as L'Attrappe-Cœur, house “Brie,” and La Belle Humeur raclette cheese. The shop sells a wide array of local and regional products, and over 350 of the world's finest cheeses. Also on site are microbrewery beers, a fresh bakery, and a fine foods and deli section. Take home a delicious meal prepared by Chef Patrick Lehoux. Free product tastings. Come see how cheese is made!

32 km
Éco-Odyssée offers different runs through the maze, which will determine the length of your experience. If you think insects might be a problem, dont worry; with all the birds and frogs in the marsh, there are very little bugs to bother you!
52 Les Sources Rd.
La Pêche (Québec) J0X 3G0

At Eco-Odyssée in Wakefield, just 30 minutes from Gatineau–Ottawa, enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the Outaouais. Venture into beaver habitat as you explore a water maze with more than 60 intersections spread out over 6 km. Choose your adventure and discover the beauty of the marshland environment from the comfort of your pedal boat.

6.2 km
Once your quest is over, head towards the village of Wakefield. As you enter the town, you will see the Wakefield Confectionery on your right. They have something for every type of sweet tooth and their fudges are not to be missed.
817 Riverside Rd.
Wakefield (Québec) JOX 3GO

Since 2003, the Wakefield Confectionery has been making a variety of gourmet products: jams and jellies, chocolate, fudge, maple products, sponge toffee and more. Browse the warm and welcoming shop, stroll down memory lane in the nostalgic candy section, and find a little treat for your loved ones! The Confectionery team will also be happy to suggest gifts for special occasions (weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, etc.).