Walk a little, feast a lot

Your stomach is rumbling and your taste buds request special treatment. Lucky for them we have so many fine eateries and so many walking itineraries to make room for it all!
Start by spending a few calories at Parc Moussette, right by the Ottawa River. You'll be within walking distance from Edgar, a little (and we mean little!) gem of a restaurant. Don't let the line of people discourage you. It's because their brunches, sandwiches and take-out plates are to die for! We then recommend a little stroll by Pink Lake before heading back dowtown. There, you will discover two very different yet equally tastu beverages: tea and beer. Don't worry, you can bring back some of the liquid goodness home! Hungry again? Soif - bar à vin, operated by the world's top female sommelier Véronique Rivest, is just a few steps away and waiting for you.

day of walking and tasting

Points of interest

361 De Lucerne Blvd.
Gatineau (Québec) J9H 7K9

Numerous outdoor activities are available: cycling and in-line skating on the recreational path, tennis, basket-ball, baseball and volley-ball as well as swimming for all ages. You will also find a snack bar, a dressing room and showers, as well as a special park for kids.

46 km
A gourmet trip in the Outaouais without stopping at Edgar is like going to the beach without a swimsuit. From Parc Moussette, walk to Bégin Street and you will find tiny Edgar. Proof that size really doesn't matter!
33 Scott Road
Chelsea (Québec) J9B 1R6

Come and visit Gatineau Park, Canada’s Capital conservation park covering 361 km2 of hills and forest. Its rich biodiversity and close proximity to downtown make it a real paradise for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, canoeing, and cross-country skiing. Must-sees include the Mackenzie King Estate, Champlain Lookout, Pink Lake and Lusk Cave. Extend your visit by camping or staying in a cabin, available year round. Gatineau Park is managed and protected by the National Capital Commission.

11 km
After you feast, a little one-hour walk along Pink Lake will do you good. The Gatineau Parkway going into the Park is very close. Then, head to CHA YI Tea House and discover white teas, green teas, oolongs, Pu Er teas... all imported directly from the producers!
165 Eddy Street
Gatineau (Québec) J8X 2W7

CHA YI Tea House specializes in fine loose and artisan (blooming) teas from China, Taiwan, Japan and India. The boutique carries 150 loose leaf teas, a dozen house-blended tisanes made from local organic plants, and a wide selection of tea ware and accessories. Take a break in our tea room and enjoy your favourite blend (prepared in a pot or in traditional style) and a selection of scones, home-made cookies and other tasty treats! Ask about our Saturday-morning tea tastings and demonstrations (reservations required).

1 km
If you follow Montcalm Street, you will end up at Les Brasseurs du temps. You can buy their beers in their gift shop but you might want to sit down and sample a few beforehand.
170 Montcalm Street
Gatineau (Québec) J8X 2M2

Les Brasseurs du Temps, the first microbrewery in the Outaouais region, is the cultural destination that makes it the heartbeat of the city. Their gourmet table, full of tasty products will find its pairing amongs one of the 17 beers offered at all times. The BDT is also an atmosphere you have always dreamed of!

3 km
Have you noticed the bridge over Brewery Creek? Tak a closer look: there's a piece of the Eiffel Tower displayed there. From there, it's just a short walk to Soif - bar à vin, where wine lovers will have the time of their lives!
88 Montcalm Street
Gatineau (Québec) J8X 2L7

Worldly renowned sommelier Véronique Rivest invites you to her wine bar in Old Hull. On the menu: many discoveries from bubbly to wine!