September 28 to October 4: 4 things to not miss out during the Montebello Logfest

September 28 2015

This weekend, Montebello will celebrate its heritage of log buildings as well as the fascinating history of the Seigniory Club during the International Festival of Log Buildings, also known as Logfest. In addition to the opening night, where retro-music will be played and the official beer of the festival created by the Brasseurs de Montebello will be served, an amazing program has been designed for the Festival. Here are some activities you should not miss:

VIP Tours du Manoir Papineau

You’ll discover the Manoir-Papineau national historic site from a whole new perspective during those exclusives guided tours. Follow the footsteps of the Seigniory Club in places never revealed to the public, such as the ballroom and the administration offices, which are still, to that day, marked by the Club.

Tours of Turtle Lodge

Are you familiar with Turtle Lodge? Not only the log manor located on the Ontarian side of the Ottawa River is historically rich in itself, it is a small replica of the Fairmont Le Château Montebello. Guides will be pleased to share with you their knowledge on the construction built in 1934 by a former Seigniory Club member. Icing on the cake: arrive to the island by pontoon!

Montebello Open Doors

Five log buildings located on Mont Wescott and a log house construction site will be open to the public. These constructions, built in the 1930s, are mostly built of logs and kept Château Montebello’s signature colours. Fun fact: Mont Wescott was originally a real estate development project, initiated by the founders of the Seigniory Club, to ensure that members of the private Club had their own log house on the site. Some of these houses are still inhabited. So in addition to stunning views of Montebello and the Ottawa River, you’ll enjoy learning about historical facts and remarkable architectural elements during this tour.

Guided tours of Fairmont Le Château Montebello

This IS your chance to discover the secrets of the largest log building in the world, which celebrates its 85 anniversary this year: Fairmont Le Château Montebello. Built on the grounds of the former manor of Louis-Joseph Papineau in only 111 days, the wonder has undoubtedly marked the architectural history in 1930. During the one-hour guided tour, offered in both English and French you’ll be immerged with enriching historical knowledge…in an enchanting environment.

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