La Pêche (Wakefield)

Flanked by the magnificent hills of Gatineau Park and the Gatineau River, the municipality of La Pêche, north of Gatineau, is a true paradise for leisure seekers and vacationers. With its many lakes, golf courses, ski centres, equestrian centres, campgrounds, festivals, exhibits and agritourism, La Pêche is a top destination in all seasons. Amongst the several town and municipalities that were merged to create modern La Pêche is Wakefield, with its unique character and laidback way of life. Apart from being very photogenic, La Pêche has an array of festivals and cultural events to choose from, as well as a 6km, 64 intersections aquatic maze to explore and a wide variety of regional products to sample that add to its charm and warmth.

founding of Wakefield