Located west of Gatineau, between the Eardley Escarpment and the Ottawa River, the municipality offers many attractions just waiting to be discovered. If you’re a fan of local products, you’ll enjoy meeting organic market gardeners, visiting vineyards, admiring exceptional natural features such as the Luskville Falls and dazzling starry skies (thanks to AstroPontiac), or exploring the municipality by bike or snowmobile. Over Thanksgiving weekend, discover the wares of local artists and agrifood industry artisans at the Foire Champêtre de Pontiac (Pontiac Country Fair) at Luskville Falls Park. The name Pontiac comes from the name of a famous Algonquin chief of the Ottawa tribe (born between 1712 and 1725, died 1769) who was known for his eloquence and daring.

290 m
height of Luskville Falls
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