Sport tourism is currently the fastest growing segment of the tourist industry. In Canada, the sports industry generates nearly $2.5 billion in business annually. Gatineau has become a leader in sport tourism by hosting numerous provincial, national and international events.

Gatineau’s new sports complex, the Centre sportif de Gatineau, has gained international recognition, and is able to compete with the largest sports centres around the world. The immense complex—18,500 square metres in total—includes an Olympic-size pool, gymnasiums, courts and a fitness room, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This green building has a distinctive and contemporary architectural design that is a visual and symbolic landmark for the city. A number of different sports can be played in this complex, including volleyball, badminton, basketball, gymnastics, water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming and diving. It features the latest sports and recreational equipment, and is designed to accommodate the general public as well as Gatineau athletes training for excellence.

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Le ski de fond :

  • Championnat canadien de l’Est
  • Gatineau Loppet
  •  Marathon canadien de ski
  • « Le ski Tour Canada »

Le tennis :

  • Tournoi Futures de Gatineau
  • Championnat canadien junior U-16
  • Challenger Banque Nationale de Gatineau

Le cyclisme :

  • Grand-Prix cyclisme de Gatineau
  • Championnat canadien de cyclisme sur route
  • Triathlon de Gatineau




Le plongeon et natation:

  • Coupe Canada de plongeon
  • Can-Am de para-natation Speedo

Le badminton :

  • Étape du Circuit canadien junior

Le water-polo

  • Ligue nationale de water-polo U16



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