Enjoying some “me time” at Nordik Spa-Nature

Published on January 17 2023

Life sometimes seems to go by too fast. We’re constantly chasing time, and we tend to lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. What if we took the time to slow down, to rest for a moment? Just for a day, leave your worries behind and enjoy an interlude of relaxation and calm at Nordik Spa-Nature, in Chelsea.

Your relaxation ritual starts here

The day of my spa expedition with my friends Léony and Marilyn dawned cold but sunny. For a few hours, we took a break from our routine to enjoy the facilities of this wonderful place. It was Léony’s first time at Nordik, and she enjoyed every minute! As for me, no matter how many times I visit the spa, I never get tired of it. Every season transforms the setting, and it’s just as magical in winter, when the site is decorated with sparkling lights.

Fresh snow had fallen a few days before, covering the landscape with a thick white carpet. It’s a beautiful sight, and I know right away that this day is going to be memorable.

As I walk up the steps to the reception area, I can already feel myself entering a state of serenity, guided by the soft music and the peaceful natural surroundings. Once we’re comfortably dressed in our spa robes, we take a moment to appreciate this grandiose place and the thousand and one possibilities that await us today. Will we take a nap in a heated hammock? Will we sit and read in front of the fire? Will we brave the ice-cold waterfall? Only time will tell…

A venue inspired by nature

It’s easy to see why Nordik Spa-Nature is considered the largest spa in North America. One visit isn’t enough to sample everything this unique place has to offer. Every time I visit, it’s a real struggle to leave!

There are three sections just waiting to be explored according to your preferences. If you’re seeking a state of deep calm, far from all distractions, you’ll enjoy the Kaskad section, where complete silence is the order of the day. Relax and listen to the sounds of the birds singing, the wind in the trees, and the flowing waterfall. If you’re more interested in socializing with friends, head for the Panorama section, where talking is allowed. In the comfort of the infinity pool, you can admire the fanstastic view of the Collines-de-l’Outaouais (a breathtaking landscape!) while you catch up on your friends’ news. The Boréa section, which allows quiet conversation, strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and socializing. It includes a series of hot and cold baths, as well as steam saunas and an exfoliation room.

One of Nordik Spa-Nature’s sginature experiences is the Aufguss ritual, which is offered every hour (check the daily schedule posted at the entrance to the Banyä and Finlandia saunas). When you hear the sound of the gong, make your way to one of the saunas (space is limited). Available in three forms—Discovery, Classic and Arboreal—, the experience invites you to enjoy the benefits of sweat culture, combined with a selection of essential oils and a series of movements that shift the warm air around the sauna. The Rituals Artisans will take you on a journey to another world where steam, music and choreography merge. My friends and I give ourselves over to the experience, focus on our breathing, and forget about everything else. If you get a chance to try it, the Arboreal ritual, inspired by the Canadian forest, differs from the other two: it features whisks of tree branches dipped in cold water that shower you with relief from the sauna’s heat. It’s both exhilarating and invigorating!

My personal favourite is definitely the Källa treatment. This huge underground saltwater pool, reminiscent of the Dead Sea, puts you in a state of mind where nothing matters but the present moment. Float gently and effortlessly to the sound of the underwater music, and forget all your cares—it’s the ultimate in relaxation. All three of us really enjoy the feeling of being transported to a completely different space, both physically and mentally.

To take the relaxation to the next level, why not treat yourself to a massage or body treatment? Once you’re comfortably settled in a massage chair, your body and mind become one. Several types of massage are available, but I strongly recommend the nature massage, offered in a private cabin at the top of the site. The beds are heated, the decor is sublime, and you can experience a moment of harmony with your environment. As for body treatments, a wide range is available, whether for the face, back, hands or feet. Let yourself be pampered—you deserve it!

In short, whether in the outdoor baths, in a relaxation pavilion, in a sauna or near a fireplace, wellness is at the heart of each facility. To fully enjoy the thermal experience, try the hot, cold, rest cycle. You’ll soon appreciate the benefits! Time seems to stand still (at last!), you breathe better, your mind is at ease and you feel deeply rested.

Extend the moment

If, like me, you’re a foodie at heart, you’ll be delighted by the richness of the flavours and the diversity of the menu at the Nordik Spa-Nature restaurants. Early in the day, the Mëzz | Café invites you to enjoy a hot drink in a setting that evokes cottage life. Around noon, head to the Biërgarden for a signature cocktail, a microbrewery beer and/or a bite to eat. For sharing by the fire, the Panorama Lounge has a selection of cheese and charcuterie platters, tasty salads and decadent desserts. Finally, to make the pleasure last longer, there’s no better place than the Restö. From appetizers to dessert, glass of wine in hand, you’ll enjoy every bite. Trust me, it’s all delicious!

At least once a season, I give myself the gift (from me to me!) of a day at the spa—on my own, as a couple or with friends. It always does me a world of good. In fact, if you received a gift certificate over the holidays, why not take advantage of it this winter? You have to admit, life is too short to miss out on relaxation opportunities like this!

We can’t say it often enough: it’s so important to take time for yourself! My promise to you: after a day at the spa, you’ll feel more energized, more productive, and better prepared to get back to family life, work or school.

Book your spa getaway and look forward to total relaxation.


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