Enjoy the Outaouais flower season

Published on May 7 2024

The flowers are showing off their most beautiful hues, and its a real treat to be out admiring them, picking them for a bouquet, and spreading their colours everywhere! From edible blossoms to the ones garnishing our elegant summer cocktails, we want more and more! The flowering season promises to be magnificent, so here are a few ways to add colour to your day.  

Pick your own farm-fresh flowers

The seeds have sprouted, so come and ramble through the flower fields at Sheffield Gardens, not far from Gatineau Park! At this heritage farm, you can pick annuals and perennials or choose an arrangement of cut flowers. For another magical stop, head to florAnik ferme florale. This family-run business grows flowers for beautiful bouquets displayed in recycled containers. 

At La cinquième saison farm, you’ll find a variety of edible flowers, from the most fragrant to the most delicate. You’ll be amazed by the taste of beebalm! Plan a trip with friends to attend a tasting workshop or create a flower bouquet. At Franktown House Flowers you can spend the day in the fields, and sign up for a mentorship program for cut flower producers. 

Look for a range of events throughout the flowering season! If you’re addicted to the smell and beauty of fresh flowers, several local farms offer subscriptions. 

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

The beautiful season inspires brewers and distillers, so head to the Distillerie du Square for a floral gin or cocktail: flower martini, garden spritz … you won’t know which to choose! Mix some strawberry syrup and ginger beer with the floral gin from Artist in Residence distillery, garnish with a few lime slices, and you’ve got a drink that tastes like summer! Try the Fleur mécanique beer from Brasserie artisanale Gallicus or the Gui Gui aux pays des fleurs from À La Dérive craft brewery. 

You can even find flowers on your plate! Overlooking a wooded area and extensive gardens, Les Fougères restaurant is a feast for the eyes and the palate. Enjoy a refreshing meal on the terrace of the Panorama Café at the Canadian Museum of History as you admire the flowering trees on the museum grounds. When you visit Maison Oddo, take home a pastry and a bouquet of flowers from Vert Sauge farm. 

Nature also offers many health benefits! At Lavandine et cie, treat yourself to soothing lavender-based personal care products. Soaps, candles, essential oils … you’ll find everything you need for your well-being. At La fée des bois Apothecary, sample herbal teas made from medicinal plants (try the Tulsi-Rose) and other herbal products. You’ll be amazed at the range of flower-based remedies. 

Strolling among the flowers

It’s the perfect time to see wildflowers in bloom. Go for a trail walk in Gatineau Park and keep your eyes peeled for bloodroot and yellow trout lilies (also called dogtooth violets). Make a side trip to the flower gardens and historic ruins of the Mackenzie King Estate. 

The Gatineau–Ottawa region is famous for the Canadian Tulip Festival. Stroll along the Rideau Canal and around Dow’s Lake to admire nearly 300,000 colourful tulips. It’s a natural spectacle well worth seeing, staged by the National Capital Commission (NCC).  

On a sunny day, enjoy a family picnic near the sunflowers in Dalton Farm Park. While you’re there, check out the event program, which includes gardening workshops and outdoor yoga classes. 

Before the apples come out, take a stroll among the apple trees at Verger Merleau orchard and cider house. Breathe in the scent of the apple blossoms as you take in the scenery. During the weekend, stop by the farm shop for a bottle of sparkling cider. 

In our gardens or on our tables, flowers add a touch of magic and delight to our summer days. Take the time to learn about their different characteristics! 


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