Albatros Trail

Lac-de-l'Aqueduc Rd., Val-des-Bois (Québec), Canada

This 19.5-km section of the National Trail starts in the municipality of Val-des-Bois and leads to Lake Écho in the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve. The trail offers views of the area around Val-des-Bois and traverses several beautiful landscapes, including ponds, a mature forest and a small hill. In winter, a 6-km section of the trail is accessible by snowshoe from Lac-de-l’Aqueduc Road. Snowshoers can admire the snow-capped mountains, the frozen ponds and lakes and the Lièvre River. Dogs on leash are welcome. It is forbidden to use the trail during hunting season.


  • Pets
  • Free parking


  • Total length: 19 km
  • Intermediate path


  • Total length - Snowshoeing : 6 km
  • Total trails - Snowshoeing : 1
  • Intermediate trails

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