Outaouais, May 23, 2018 - Outaouais Tourism has unveiled the details of its summer 2018 marketing campaign. Maintaining the theme of the moments and memories we create on vacation (“that time ...”), the summer campaign focuses on six key experiences: culture; entertainment; the Chemins d’eau tourist route; outdoor experiences; cycling; and for the first time, gourmet tourism. Valued at $1,3M, the campaign brings together 83 partners, including 24 in agrotourism and food services.

The promotion of the destination to the target markets of Montreal and Ottawa is in effect all year round, with the objective of reminding residents of those markets that the Outaouais is the ideal region for their getaways.

The marketing campaign is 80% digital. Outaouais Tourism is relying heavily on Web content optimization, as well as the distribution of targeted promotional offers and complementary experiences based on the consumer profile. The tactics selected are:

  • Online advertising:
    • Video previews;
    • Web banners;
    • Video ads and blog posts on social networks; and
    • Search engine optimization.
  • Content marketing and advertising partnerships with, among others:
    • LaPresse+ ;
    • Oui Surf, for the organization of three events focused on outdoor getaways in the Outaouais during the summer as well as the production and distribution of digital content;
    • Découvertes, Espaces and Vélo Mag magazines;
    • The Société des attractions touristiques du Québec.
  • TV commercials aired on the RDS and RDS2 channels during the Tour de France;
  • The creation of original content for the Outaouais Tourism website;
  • Continuation of the public relations strategy with influencers 2.0;
  • Contests on social networks to promote content sharing.

Cultivating pride and excellence to enhance the visitor experience

Outaouais Tourism’s marketing is aligned with the positioning offered by the “Québec original” brand, namely: vibrant culture, spectacular landscapes and warm hospitality.

With this in mind, and consistent with the summer 2017 campaign, Outaouais residents and front-line employees will again be invited to be proud regional ambassadors. For the first time, gourmet tourism will be the focus of an advertising campaign featuring local artisans. In addition to discovering menus, products and experiences, Outaouais residents will be touched by these endearing stories and personalities. The theme of regional pride will inform the video and print materials distributed via the Outaouais Tourism website, on social networks, through digital advertising, and through advertorials in LeDroit, La Revue, Le Bulletin and La Petite-Nation, as well as in the publication Savourez Localement.

To highlight the importance of offering visitors to the destination a warm welcome, Outaouais Tourism will continue to work with front-line tourism industry employees. “The staff of tourist establishments have the power to create memories,” says Geneviève Dumas, chair of the Outaouais Tourism board of directors. Training, priority access to attractions, and networking are among the techniques chosen to maximize industry engagement and enhance the sense of belonging.

People throughout the Outaouais--those working in the tourism industry and all citizens--are invited to download certified #outaouaisfun images and help promote regional pride!

The Maison du tourisme is getting a new look

Designated a National Infotourist Centre last fall, the Maison du tourisme in Gatineau will be completely revamped and modernized. Our resident team of advisors has also received extensive training from the Quebec Ministry of Tourism. Their knowledge of Quebec’s tourism regions and their expertise in customer service will serve to better guide visitors.

Building on the successes of 2017

2017 brought its share of visitors and tourists. The reputation of the destination also increased by 3% in one year, primarily because of the major events that took place in Gatineau for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The return of the horticultural exhibition presented by Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal, this time under the name Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018, is excellent news for the region. Last summer, the event recorded 1.3 million visitors and attracted international attention.

The Outaouais is always ready to welcome visitors!

Campaign videos and images for media use, courtesy Tourisme Outaouais.

About Outaouais Tourism

Outaouais Tourism is a private, not-for-profit organization created by and for the tourism industry over 35 years ago. A preferred contact and partner of the Quebec government in the tourism field, Outaouais Tourism contributes to the region’s economic development by coordinating regional tourism plans and projects, visitor services, information, marketing and development.

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For more information, please contact:

Caroline Baron-Courcy
Senior Officer, Corporate Communications
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