Summer activities

Around Eastertime, the weather starts to warm up and we know summer is on its way. In the Outaouais, longer days mean more time to have fun! Are you eager for summer? Here, the water is always the perfect temperature for splashing around in a waterpark, taking a pirate cruise with your little buccaneers, or exploring the shoreline of the Ottawa River in a kayak with your buddies. The air is fresh: it hits you in the face on a parachute jump, it's gentler on a hovercraft or a bike, and it's filled with music at Rockfest and the Country Music Festival. Here, the land is fertile, as youll discover as you pick your own berries and meet local food producers. Here, campfires burn especially brightvisit our parks, reserves and campgrounds and youll see! Here in the Outaouais, were all set for an outstanding summer.

Things to do - Summer activities