Fishing and more in the Outaouais

Published on March 27 2024

With 15,000 lakes, a dozen rivers, two reservoirs and exclusive outfitters, the Outaouais region has a lot of options when it comes to planning a fishing trip. Yes, anglers, theres a happy place here for you… and for your friends and family as well, with a range of unique activities and accommodation to make your stay a success!


With its playground, water games and slides, zip line and hobby farm with animals, Domaine des Huards Inc. is the perfect outfitter for families with children. The site also has a beautiful beach, a volleyball court, a horseshoe pitch and ATV trails. Domaine des Huards is also famous for its unique attraction: the Williamson, a 26-metre long boat weighing 120 tonnes. Built in Louisiana in 1943, it was the largest boat used to transport logs on the Baskatong. 

Situated on a peninsula in the Baskatong Reservoir, the Pointe à David tourist camps have a fine sandy beach and offer a wide range of activities for all ages. Did you know there’s a kitesurfing boutique at this family resort? It’s certainly one of the 21 great outfitters around the Baskatong Reservoir you’ll want to discover! 

What is Kenauk Nature X S.E.C.? It’s a private resort on 265 square kilometres of land with 65 lakes. You’ll find everything from guided fishing trips and a fly fishing school to clay pigeon shooting, a floating sauna, a climbing tower and a magic bus! As for the luxury chalets—now that’s a holiday! 

Nearby outfitters

Club des Douze Outfitter occupies a 14-square-kilometre property dotted with lakes in the beautiful Outaouais town of Duhamel. Families will love the reduced rates for children, and the drive is short and pleasant—no time to be bored!

Straddling the Outaouais and Laurentian regions, the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve is Quebec’s southernmost wildlife reserve. Head into the wilderness at Mijocama Outfitter in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, less than 2 hours’ drive from major urban centres.

From Route 117, drive just 41 km to the main camp of Poirier Fish and Game Territory on Lac Delahey, bordering the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, and enjoy a stay with exclusive rights.


The Outaouais is an anglers paradise, period! From pike to trout to bass, youll find an inexhaustible playground where you can indulge your passion for fishing. Bryson Lake Lodge, north of the Pontiac, is a popular destination for ATV anglers who can park their recreational vehicle for a spot of fishing or a night in the wilderness.

For a change of scenery in a peaceful natural setting, visit Domaine Shannon, worthy of a life-size postcard. Catch the action at Pavillon Wapus Inc., where you can fish for walleye, pike, lake trout and speckled trout on a single trip.

Lac des Augustines at Stramond Lake Lodge is a must. And why is that? For the simple reason that the owners are well aware of its environmental value and are committed to preserving the quality of the water and the fish.


Want to get off the beaten track and stay in some unusual accommodation on your fishing trip? Stay in the middle of the lake in the new floating camp at Squaw Lake Outfitter in Otter Lake, where historic catches include a lake trout weighing almost 9 kilos (20 pounds)!

Get away from it all and try the ready-to-camp hanging tents at Domaine Pine Grove in Grand-Remous, or do a little glamping in a roomy prospector-style tent at Kenauk Nature.

Enjoy the fun of camping without worrying about equipment at Chez Rainville/Camping Union, where you can choose between basic campsites, ready-to-camp units, and chalets. For ultimate peace and quiet, consider renting a secluded outpost cabin at Pavillon Richer Inc. 


Outaouais is all that … and more! With all these options, your fishing trip will never have been so rewarding or enjoyable. Here’s a complete list of the region’s fishing spots. We hope you’ll come home with some great catches and memories to share. Have fun!

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