Cooling off with the family at Mont Cascades Water Park

Published on July 20 2023

The whole family is on vacation? The weather is hot and sunny? Time to head to Mont Cascades Water Park for a fun-filled day! With some 20 water slides for all ages, heated pools, a picnic area and restaurant options, it’s the perfect summer destination!

You could spend the whole summer here

Located just 20 minutes from Gatineau–Ottawa, Mont Cascades Water Park enjoys a prime location in the heart of nature. Surrounded by greenery and nestled at the foot of the mountain, the park seems almost cut off from the world. A visit to the park is a chance to get away from it all and have a little fun.

There’s something magical about water slides, whatever your age. As a child, you’re discovering the park for the first time and you could spend the whole day splashing around in the water. As a teenager, you go back with friends and dare each other to try the more challenging slides. As an adult, you bring your children and enjoy watching their faces light up as you show them your favourite attractions. Every visit is different, and you never tire of coming back.

For the best deal, you can buy a season pass at a very reasonable price! Day passes are also available online and at the box office. And admission is free for children two and under.

A slide for every slider

Whether you’re visiting with a group of friends, young children or teenagers, the park’s 19 water slides offer something for everyone.

If you’re with little ones (under 1.32 metres / 52 inches tall), head for the Mini Splash zone, with no fewer than nine brightly coloured slides that are as fun as they are safe. From their very first descent, you’ll hear delighted laughter from the children, who’ll want to do it again as soon as they reach the bottom of the slide. Will they opt for the Lemonade or the Tangerine? The Mini ProRacer, which can accommodate four children at a time, will tap into their competitive spirit. There are also miniature versions of the Twister and the Vortex, a great way to learn about these two iconic slides. A visit to the Splash Forest is a must, just in time to be doused by the bucket when it gets full!

© Camille Labonté
© Camille Labonté

For taller visitors (over 1.22 metres / 48 inches), there are four slides that will deliver a satisfying jolt of adrenalin. The Kamikaze is for the most courageous, providing an exhilarating feeling of free fall. TornadoALLEY will literally take your breath away with its gravity-defying experience on a two- or four-person tube. The Turbo Twister, as its name suggests, will have you spinning 360° all the way down. Finally, the Vortex combines speed and splashes, with a drop into an open pool at the very end.

Six more experiences are on offer to help you make great family memories. Seated on your tube, you’ll be smiling all the way down the Mammoth River, the Rapids River or the Black Magic. On a mat, grab the handles and try to be the first to reach the ProRacer finish line. Ready to relax for a few minutes? Stretch out on a sun lounger by the Cascades Falls pool or chill out at the Beach, a pool around 1.5 metres (5 feet) deep.

© Camille Labonté
© Camille Labonté

Between slides

Need a little break? Take a seat in one of the rest areas and enjoy the music playing throughout the site. There are plenty of picnic tables where you can leave your personal belongings, as well as lockable lockers. For extra peace and quiet, you can rent a private gazebo for up to 10 people (reservations by phone or in person are required).

Feeling peckish? There are plenty of sweet and savoury options. The snack bar sells fresh drinks, snacks, salads, sandwiches and panini, and the kitchen trailer serves hot dogs and hamburgers. The ice bar will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you cool with slush, sherbet, iced coffee, ice cream sandwiches and more.

Mont Cascades Water Park is open 7 days a week starting at 10 a.m. So pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, sandals and towel and get ready for a full day of family fun!


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