Enjoy the picnic season

Published on May 29 2020

Summer has decided to make a grand entrance, with tropical temperatures and super-bright sunshine! We might as well take advantage of it by organizing the ultimate summer event, namely, a rustic picnic. It’s also an ideal opportunity to discover the region’s gourmet products while enjoying the good weather. Get out your plaid blanket, because we’re going on a picnic!

What to put in your picnic basket?

The key to a successful picnic is preparation! Some picnic purists prefer a classic menu: sandwiches, raw vegetables, watermelon slices and lemonade. And that’s just fine! Take advantage of the opportunity to include products from the Outaouais by shopping at the region’s farmers’ markets as they launch their season, including the Wakefield, Ange-Gardien and Ripon markets. Also, note that the Marché de l’Outaouais has an online store! Visit the Bite into Outaouais website for more information about markets in the region.

Are you keen to make your own picnic? Replicate one or all of the recipes suggested by Chelsea chefs and enjoy gourmet fare al fresco. If simplicity is your motto, no problem! Several restaurants in the Outaouais region offer take-out menus that are perfect for picnics.

A happy hour picnic can also be interesting! Put it together with some delicious cheeses from the Fromagerie Montebello or La Trappe à fromage, deli meats from Fines et Futés, and sweet treats from the Wakefield Confectionery or ChocoMotive. To accompany it all, (re)discover local beers brewed by the Brasseurs de Montebello, the Brasserie du Bas-Canada or the Gainsbourg. If you’re in the Petite Nation, the Brasse-Camarade specialty corner store carries a huge selection of craft beers.

Where to set up?

Over the past few weeks, a lot of people have been spending a lot of time in their back yard—and what better place to settle in with your picnic? And Gatineau Park is now open to visitors, with certain restrictions. Before you go, check the NCC website for the latest updates. If you choose to picnic in a public park, be sure to practise physical distancing.

What to do for fun?

Once the picnic basket is empty, it’s time to have some fun! Toss around a ball or a Frisbee. You’d rather spend your time reading? Here are some suggestions of books that will transport you to the Outaouais. (Note: Blog post and suggested books are in French only.) Another idea: bring along some board games! L’As des jeux offers a vast selection of games for the whole family.

What’s your secret for the perfect picnic? Send us your tips and your family picnic photos!

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