The irresistible appeal of Montebello

Published on August 8 2023

There are some places that have the power to enchant every visitor. Montebello is definitely one of those magical spots. Just one visit to this charming Outaouais village will be enough to win you over! With its rich history, warm atmosphere and friendly people, Montebello is well worth a visit. 

Many of the regions most popular attractions can be found in and around Montebello, a small municipality with fewer than 1,000 residents, but there are also hidden treasures to be discovered. Follow our suggestions for your next trip to Montebello! 

So much to explore

Montebello has a lot to offer besides rustic charm! The variety of activities is impressive, and theres something for everyone. History buffs will love a visit to the Manoir Papineau National Historic Site! Step back in time to the 19thcentury as you explore the Papineau family estate. This majestic mansion overlooking the Ottawa River was once the home of Louis-Joseph Papineau, leader of the Patriotes and seigneur of Petite Nation. Stroll through the magnificent garden and along the stately wooded alley to admire the beautiful natural setting and the Manoir’s impressive architecture. The 45-minute guided tour of the main floor will teach you about the Papineaus day-to-day life. Get an intimate view of this elite French-Canadian family and relive the festive atmosphere of the glittering receptions held in the dining room and drawing room and attended by many distinguished guests. You may not want to return to the 21stcentury! 

If you want to connect with Canada’s wildlife, Parc Omega is the place to be! A star attraction in the region, it offers a range of unique experiences and activities to complement the safari-style driving tour. Home to more than 20 species of animals roaming free in their natural habitat, Parc Omega offers a great new feature: drive among the Arctic wolves! You can also meet a new species, recently introduced to the park, that was on the verge of extinction: Przewalski’s horses. Between the aerial course, grey wolf observation area, hiking trails and the old-fashioned farm, your day will be packed! Did you know that you can also sleep here? Several types of unusual accommodation are available: ready-to-camp, pods, cottages, and suites surrounded by the wolves and bears. These will be memorable nights! Finally, the park’s gourmet bistro-style restaurant, OmegaBon, welcomes you to its table to discover its elegant cuisine prepared with local seasonal produce. Parc Omega really delivers on its promise to bring you closer to nature! 

Sweet dreams

A range of accommodation is available to help you recharge your batteries with a good nights sleep. Atrue Montebello institution, Fairmont LeChâteau Montebello welcomes you within its log walls for an experience that combines rustic comfort, lush natural surroundings, and a wide range of outdoor activities. The worlds largest log building is known for its warm hospitality and full program of events. Next, the AubergeMontebello offers a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The charm of this converted Victorian schoolhouse will make your stay even more special. With its 44rooms, this intimate establishment is perfect for unwinding in peace and comfort after a busy day. Finally, the Manoir Chamberlands luxurious and elegant period decor will make you feel like youre in an episode of Downton Abbey. With its attentive service and exceptional attention to detail, this historic boutique hotel spares no effort when it comes to guests comfort and well-being. Relax by the pool before embarking on your next adventure, or enjoy the luxurious decor of your room overlooking the village church. Visit Lavandine et Cie boutique and treat yourself with essential oils and other natural products.

If theres one thing thats true about Montebello, its that the food is delicious! The local restaurants and producers have made it their mission to showcase the regions distinctive flavours and culinary know-how. LeNapoléons menu is inspired by the seasons and local produce, all with a gourmet twist, and the dishes are as appealing to the eye as to the palate. Just down the street is Bistro Montebello, with its pub-style cuisine and gourmet local touches. Famous for its wood-fired pizza, the Bistro also serves reinvented classics and unique creations. Finally, the Souche-I restaurant specializes in Asian-inspired cuisine prepared with local produce and paired with delicious local microbrewery beers. Pairing sushi and craft beer? It really works!

Montebello’s food producers are passionate about their work, and they know how to help you discover the village through your taste buds. The Fromagerie Montebello, winner of numerous awards for its delicious cheeses, is a must! It’s impossible to leave without filling your shopping bag with cheeses and gourmet products. Chocolate lovers can indulge their sweet tooth at ChocoMotive, whose top-quality products are created with authentic chocolate-making know-how. The shop also houses an open workshop where you can watch chocolate being made, and an EconoMuseum where you can learn all about chocolate around the world. Finally, enjoy an aperitif at the Brasseurs de Montebello microbrewery and pub, and sample beers crafted with passion and meticulous care. Enjoy the warm atmosphere and taste locally produced brews. 


We did warn you: it’s impossible to resist the charm of Montebello and its must-see attractions. In fact, it’s very likely that as you leave, you’ll already be making plans to come back! That’s the Montebello effect. And if you’re so inclined, you can explore the surrounding area with a wilderness getaway to Kenauk Nature! 

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