Discovering the Outaouais: exploring the region in a different way

Published on July 5 2023 - Updated on June 21 2024

Discovering a region by venturing off the beaten track always makes for a memorable stay! This summer, we’re challenging you to explore the Outaouais in a different way, from every angle, thanks to some unconventional activities and unique vantage points.

In the air, on the water, in the heart of nature or in the downtown core, the Outaouais has something for everyone. Are you looking for adrenalin and thrills? Or are you the type who takes time to appreciate the landscapes and architecture around you? Here are some suggestions to help you see the Outaouais in a different light.

Catch the wave

Located in the Pontiac (in Bryson, to be precise), Rafting Momentum is sure to meet your expectations when it comes to original activities. Tackle the waves of the Ottawa River, accompanied by qualified and enthusiastic guides! The pros agree: our river is the best rafting river in Canada. This whitewater adventure is a great way to fully connect with nature in the Outaouais and make unforgettable memories. Why not extend the fun and take advantage of Rafting Momentum’s rental accommodation? Cottages, cabins and campsites are available, and they offer some all-inclusive packages.

Take an interprovincial flight

Launched in summer 2021, the Interzip interprovincial zip line is back this summer to give you a 360° view of Gatineau-Ottawa! Soar over the Ottawa River more than 36 metres in the air and admire the urban panorama of Canada’s capital. Did you know that this is the only interprovincial zip line in the world? It doesn’t get much more unique than that! One thing’s for sure: you’ll be dazzled by the view. Book your ticket online for a memorable experience.

Get a bird’s eye view

You’ve probably already explored the Outaouais from the ground. This summer, take to the air with Héli-Tremblant! Take a seat in one of their helicopters and set off on an aerial excursion high above Gatineau and Ottawa. Fly over Parliament Hill, the Canadian Museum of History, downtown Ottawa, the Gatineau area, the Ottawa River, and even Gatineau Park, the gateway to the Collines-de-l’Outaouais. See the Outaouais as never before: book a Héli-Tremblant package and take off on an uplifting guided tour!

Ride and cruise in an amphibus

You can’t visit the Outaouais without stopping to admire its majestic river. And a great way to discover the Ottawa River is to sail on it! The Lady Dive Inc. offers the best of both worlds: a guided tour on both land and water. Board the bus, the only one of its kind in the region, and take in the top sights of Gatineau and Ottawa, accompanied by an enthusiastic tour guide. At a certain point in the tour, you’ll find yourself floating on the Ottawa River, still comfortably seated in the bus! Thanks to the shore-to-shore view, you can contemplate the urban landscapes of both provinces. When it comes to original adventures, this one really fills the bill!

Go for a walk in the woods

The Outaouais region is known for its lush countryside and popular outdoor spaces. Switch it up and explore new horizons by setting off on a hiking adventure in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. Thanks to the trail network maintained by the Pôle d’excellence en récréotourisme en Outaouais (PERO), you can immerse yourself in the habitat of the local flora and fauna. Lace up your boots and hike the suggested distances along the dozen or so trails. Use the interactive map to familiarize yourself with the different routes. Sometimes getting off the beaten track is as simple as escaping into the forest!


This summer, visit the Outaouais in a different way. Whether you’re looking for an adrenalin rush or a peaceful interlude, we’ve got you covered! One thing’s for sure: you’ll be delighted to have enjoyed the Outaouais in your own way, and to have had some surprising experiences. Looking for unusual accommodation to extend your stay in the Outaouais? Here are our suggestions.

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