Fun for the whole family at the Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark

Published on July 16 2020 - Sponsored

It’s on a blisteringly hot day that we pile into the car for a trip to the Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark. Our goal for the day: make the most of the summer weather and the water slides!

Mont Cascades, a place that stands the test of time!

During the 20-minute trip, we talk about the last time we went there, when we were all younger. I don’t know about you, but I have to admit that as I get older, I also get a little more … how shall I put this? Oh, yes: chicken! The fact is, I’m not the thrill seeker I was in my early twenties. This observation coincides with our arrival in the parking lot of the Mont Cascades Waterpark. Let the adventure begin!

Although we’re in the middle of a heat wave and the parking lot is already full, the site is so big that it doesn’t feel crowded. We find a small shaded area where we can leave our belongings; we smear ourselves with sunscreen, and off we go to our first slide. There’s no time to lose!

Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark

The fun starts here!

We start with the Proracer, a four-lane racing ride that you go down lying on a mat … head first! I feel a surge of anxiety, but I put on a brave face in front of the children around us. After all, I have my pride! So I stretch out on the mat and we take off. We reach the bottom of the slide in a wild burst of laughter! That’s when I realize you don’t have to be a hard-core thrill seeker to have fun at Mont Cascades! So I trade my anxiety for a sense of anticipation.

Now that the ice has been broken, the excitement builds and we make our way enthusiastically to the next slide, the Mammoth River. We go down this one twice, laughing all the way! And to think I was so apprehensive …

Despite the fact that park employees disinfect the tube handles after each use, the lineups go so quickly that we have time to try all the big slides more than once. A few hours and several descents after our arrival, we decide to take a break for a drink and some fries on the pub patio (the only place alcohol is allowed).

Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark

Fun for the whole family!

After our well-deserved break, we head to the swimming pool, where we spend some time watching the youngsters play Marco Polo, do handstands and splash around under the water jets. Needless to say, it’s a lot of fun!

What strikes me the most about this day is how much fun and enjoyment everyone is getting out of it. I don’t t see a single crying child, nor a single teenager on their cell phone. Between the toddler, family and adult water slides, pools, waterfalls and rest areas, everyone is having fun and enjoying their summer day!

Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark

Good to know

Planning a day at the Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark? Tickets must be bought online in advance (no later than 10 a.m. on the day of your visit). Admission is free for children 2 and under, and season passes are available!

If you plan to spend the day, don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch and your sunscreen. And here’s some free advice: Bring your water shoes. You’ll thank me later! ?

The park has also implemented sanitary measures to safeguard everyone’s health and safety. Not only are you asked to keep a 2-metre distance from people who are not in your household, but the staff wear protective visors, hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the site, the tube handles are disinfected after every use, and the picnic tables and sun chairs are disinfected daily and placed at a distance from each other to maintain the recommended physical distance.


Whether it’s for an afternoon with friends or a family day out, there’s something for everyone at Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark!

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