The Pontiac: a nautical territory to explore

Published on August 5 2021 - Updated on July 11 2022

Still relatively little known, the Pontiac abounds in natural treasures, including its majestic waterways. Located less than an hour from Gatineau-Ottawa, this part of the Outaouais is like a world apart, with its impressive beauty and rugged landscapes. Youll be won over by its rapids, vast sandy beaches, waterways and rivers. A refreshing day awaits you! 

Destination rafting!

The Pontiac is the Ottawa River at its best! This is the place for outstanding rafting adventures with friends or family. With its world-class whitewater, Quebecs longest river is also known for its warm temperature throughout the season—no bad thing when you know youll be on the water all day. With Horizon X Rafting, Rafting Momentum and EspritRafting, youll have fun in the rapids aboard a boat, kayak or river board. Dont worry, youll always be supervised by experienced and dedicated guides. Even the youngest members of your group can participate safely, thanks to packages for all ages and abilities. 

Good to know

Packages of one day or more are available.

Fish, fish and more fish

What could be more satisfying than catching your own fish for supper? Escape to the unspoiled nature of the Pontiac for a super successful family fishing trip. Close to the urban centres, discover Squaw Lake Outfitter, a little corner of paradise thats home to a large lake teeming with grey and speckled trout. For a 100% wilderness experience, visit Bryson Lake Lodge, with its 140km2 territory in the northern part of the region. Native pike, lake trout, brook trout and walleye are sure to take the bait!

Good to know

Outfitters’ lakes are ideal for canoeing and kayaking.

The beautiful beaches of the Pontiac

The Pontiac region is dotted with natural beaches bordering clear waters. For a refreshing swim in the Ottawa River, try FortWilliam Beach in Sheenboro or the beach at NorwayBay. Leslie Park Beach is perfect for a family picnic, with facilities and services including playground equipment, watercraft rentals, and mountain bike and hiking trails. Dont miss the new Plage du Pont Blanc in the village of Mansfield-et-Pontefract. The historic site, a community favourite, also has a park. All in all, there are lots of places in the Pontiac where you can wiggle your toes in the sand.

Cruising the Ottawa

Ready for a boat ride on Quebecs longest river? The Ottawa River Waterway flows through 1,200 kilometres of incomparably beautiful scenery. Diverse flora and fauna, historic sites and small friendly villages dot this blue route, which originates in LakeTimiskaming. Book your boat lift to experience this unique adventure!

Canoe tripping on the Noire, Coulonge and Dumoine rivers

The real adventure starts here! The rivers of the Pontiac offer hundreds of kilometres of canoe routes in a wild and enchanting setting. The experienced team at Aventure Rivière Sauvage will guide you through the most beautiful river descents. Canoe transport, natural sandy beaches, isolated campsites and unspoiled nature: your stay is sure to be very restorative!


What if, after enjoying the magnificent waterways of the Pontiac, you were in the mood for a little glass of wine? Discover the rustic terrace at Little Red Wagon Winery and other passionate Outaouais wine producers. Cheers!

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