Wapus, for a change of scenery!

Published on February 11 2019

Welcome to the Wapus Lodge, an outfitter owned and operated since 1967 by the dynamic Sophie Rousseau and her family. The spacious, inviting main lodge is the ideal place to relax and talk hunting and fishing.

On site

The lodge is surrounded by 13 cabins with a distinctly vintage look—but there’s nothing outdated about the interior! Step inside and you’ll see that the cabins have been fully renovated and equipped (stove, fridge, heating, indoor toilet, hot-water shower).

Head out on Lake McLennan by boat, and you’ll see a few of the more remote cabins, which are solar-powered and just as well equipped as the rest. They’re accessible only by boat.  Peace and quiet guaranteed!

Experienced guides!

Some of Sophie’s four sons act as guides between terms at university or during breaks from their regular jobs. They’re the perfect guides, having spent all their summers here since birth. That’s the case for Sam, who takes us to a narrowing of McLennan Lake, a kind of funnel where walleye gather late in the day. It’s getting dark, but we’re getting so many bites we don’t notice the time.

Sustainable fishing that pays

In half an hour we catch a dozen walleye, including some impressive 18” specimens that we’ll fillet that evening back at the lodge, in the fish house. The owners of Wapus, Sophie and Simon are keenly aware of the importance of not overfishing, and promoting sustainable fishing to ensure stable fish levels and reproduction. Caught fish that are too big or too small are returned to the water.

The next day, we travel by truck to Régis, a little lake +/- 20 minutes from the lodge for some speckle trout fishing. Every year, this lake is stocked with frys just like a few headwater lakes on its exclusive territory, to the delight of fisherman who can fish for walleye, pike, lake trout and speckle trout all during the same trip. After fishing for a few hours and catching some quality trout, we head back to camp for a deluxe evening meal in the cozy dining room.

A gastronomic experience

The food Sophie serves for breakfast, lunch and dinner is right up there with the fare at restaurants in the big city. No word of a lie. Preparing dishes like these, deep in the backwoods is no small feat. Besides locally caught fish and game, the delicious poultry dishes and sophisticated appetizers—and their beautiful presentation on the plates—are amazing.

Wapus Lodge is a must for outdoor enthusiasts who crave rustic charm but don’t want to skimp on comfort or high-end food. Factor in the lively enthusiasm and upbeat mood of Sophie, chief coordinator of the Wapus, and you have a destination well worth visiting. If you’re looking for complete peace and quiet, you can rent one of the more remote cottages, on the shores of more distant lakes.  Wapus is without a doubt, a destination for a breath of fresh air!

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*A story of Alexis de Gheldere, journalist, director and Jack-of-all-trades.



Wapus Lodge - McArthur Lake, Lac-Lenôtre (Québec)


May 19 to October 27

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Type of fishing: Northern Pike, Whifefish, Walleye, Speckled trout, Brook trout, Lake trout

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