Nordik Spa-Nature rituals

Published on February 13 2024

Imagine yourself comfortably settled, all warm and cozy You can only hear the sound of soothing music while tension slowly slips from your shoulders under the entrancing scent of the natural scents in the air from essential oils. Come discover or rediscover this soothing experience at Nordik Spa-Nature in a three-step ritual following the thermal cycle, “hot, cold and rest.” Read all about the experience through this blog that I am very excited to be sharing with you. 


Having worked at Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea myself for several years (yes really!), I can understand the enthusiasm and passion of the spa’s devoted employees. I recently had the opportunity to meet Zacharie Drouin-Hill and Armelle Bailleul, artisan and the manager, respectively, of Aufguss rituals. Thanks to their insight, I was able to reconnect with this zen atmosphere and have access to their world so that I could share this unique sensory experience with you.


How would you describe the Aufguss rituals?  

Simple: it’s an enticing fusion of warmth, scent and relaxation. Their origins lie in the Nordic sauna tradition. “The term comes from the German infusion,” says Zacharie, who carefully selects from a range of some 50 essential oils and music throughout the seasons to create a unique experience. The ritual is announced with the ringing of a gong. This is when the wellness experience begins.  

The towel swirls around me, amplifying the sensation of relaxation as the three snowballs melt on the hot stones of the Finlandia sauna. Each drop of essential oil works to relieve tension, creating an sensory symphony that awakens the senses. 


Nordik Spa-Nature is staffed by nearly a dozen passionate ritual artisans like Zacharie, who confides that he himself has experienced Aufguss in the past, which has motivated him to put his own creative spin on things for over two years now. He admits that you need to be physically fit and have good cardio. “It really is a passion, and it’s good to see that people appreciate what I do,” he says.   

We chat around a crackling fire, and both tell me, with great warmth, how much they love their work. For Armelle, it’s always about going the extra mile to enhance the experience. “We’re always looking for something new to make our rituals stand out from the ordinary and, above all, to allow a moment away from all the stress of life.”  


At Nordik Spa-Nature, there are four rituals to welcome the heat. Armelle lists them with great knowledge and stars in her eyes. First, there’s Discovery Aufguss, an 8-minute Aufguss initiation of sorts, which gently introduces your senses to the wonders of this two-part ritual. Then, there is the Classic Aufguss, which offers 13 minutes of meditation. After the sound of the singing bowls, you’ll be enchanted by a steam dance designed to cast you into a meditative state of mind. The Sensory Aufguss takes you on an incomparable 13-minute sensory journey. And for the more advanced, the Arboreal Aufguss, inspired by the boreal forest, immerses you in the intensity enveloping the Banyä sauna for 16 minutes. The Ritual Artisans use birch tree branches to circulate hot and cold in the sauna. This ritual is an invitation to “let go.” Authentic experiences brought to you by Nordik!


“There are so many benefits to thermal therapy,” says Armelle, describing the practice as a sharing culture. “The thermal cycle is an excellent natural remedy for reducing anxiety, improving sleep as well as mental and heart health.” Carefully selected oils also help to open the airways, calm you and give you more energy. It’s important to complete the thermal cycle to give your body and mind a break. The heat of the sauna opens up skin pores and flushes out toxins. Then, you submerge your body in a cold pool or under an icy waterfall. The transition from hot to cold produces a thermal shock that releases adrenaline. After the thermal shock, rest allows adrenaline secretion to slow down and make way for endorphins.   

Choose from a wide selection of body treatments and massages. Many options are available to you. There’s no better way to  recharge at your own pace than by taking time for yourself Nordik Spa-Nature.


Get the full experience with the Källa treatment, the second floating pool of its kind in the world. The salt water creates an enveloping feeling of weightlessness. The warmth of the water and the softness of the salt cradle you in a soothing cocoon. Your body floats gently, freed from the weight of everyday life, allowing every worry to dissolve.  


$54 for unlimited access. Must be combined with a thermal treatment.

Good to know

Maximum 20 people at a time. 


Good food is an integral part of the thermal cycle. Why is that? Because you can unwind with a delicious meal at Restö, on the terrace of Biërgarden & Shack (only open in the summer), at Mëzz Café or at Panorama Lounge. Did you know that some of our signature cocktails are made using local products from Artist in Residence Distillerie and from Distillerie du Square?   

You will be impressed by the variety and originality of the flavours we offer, made to suit the seasons. Guaranteed to make your mouth water!   


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