Your custom-made Valentine’s Day

Published on February 1 2024

The season of love has arrived and, when it comes to thinking of a romantic activity, we often turn to the same classics. This year, defy the conventions—or don’t! The important thing is finding what fits you best as a couple. Let us help you plan the perfect date for your special someone. 

romance to the fullest

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your love in the open air, Patinage en forêt could be the answer. Meet at Lac-des-Loups, a natural skating rink that spans across three kilometres of icy trails and is less than 45 minutes from Gatineau—Ottawa. Imagine yourselves hand in hand, gliding gracefully along the enchantingly beautiful surface, surrounded by the splendour of snow-capped trees. On February 9, we are planning a “Valentine’s Day Special” candlelit evening. You can book your tickets online. The Patinage en forêt trails provide a magical intimacy, where the only sound you can hear is your skates softly sliding along the ice and the surrounding nature gently murmuring. You can also visit the other skating rinks in the area. Who knows, maybe you’ve already visited a trail that is now meaningful to you both?  


Sharing a romantic meal remains a timeless Valentine’s Day classic. Going out to a restaurant is always a nice way to spend time as a couple. (Bonus: no washing up!) Take the opportunity to surprise your partner and introduce them to a new gourmet destination. 

Let yourself be tempted by Spritz, an exceptional restaurant with a unique atmosphere and Italian flavours, inspired by some of the finest restaurants in the world. Located in the heart of the AGORA urban village, Spritz offers you and your other half a modern and sophisticated experience. It’s the place to be for a romantic dinner.  

A hearty meal in winter brings people together! And all the better when you get the opportunity to celebrate your love, which is exactly what Restaurant Meule et Caquelon is offering. Be your own chef, create new recipes and surprise your partner with your culinary talents with Swiss-inspired specialities, including Chinese fondue, raclette and cheese fondue.  

For other ideas, here is a list of must-try downtown restaurants.  


For those who prefer giving experiences, consider a spa retreat! You could gift a massage, treatment or package for the Kōena Spa. Choose from a wide range of relaxing massages, such as a therapeutic massage, or from several body treatments, such as the detoxifying and invigorating body treatment

When it comes to relaxing and revitalizing, the Outaouais has a multitude of calming options. Explore other havens of peace in the region’s spas, offering the perfect retreat to soothe your mind body. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!  



Escape the ordinary and opt for unusual overnight stays that will transform your romantic getaway into a memorable experience. Make the most of the great outdoors with one of the HOM mini chalets, accommodation built in the treetops. Thirsty for adventure? You’ll be blown away by the Hébergements insolites du Parc Oméga that give you the opportunity to sleep in huts surrounded by wolves, not forgetting the big new feature: the nature suite, where you can experience full immersion with deer thanks to the panoramic windows and a huge terrace overlooking these incredible creatures’ habitat. Alternatively, the Omegabon Restaurant has a special Valentine’s Day menu on offer!  

For couples looking for originality and winter delights, Borefüge enables you to switch off in a cozy environment around a campfire and practise various activities like hiking, dog sledding, snowshoeing and much more. Looking for absolute comfort? Surprise your loved one by booking a retreat at the Wakefield Mill Hotel and Spa. Each room has a unique charm to it; brick or stone walls and original flooring adds a wonderfully historical touch. There are so many possibilities!  


What could be better than combining a stay in a hotel connected to the Casino Lac-Leamy, a visit to a spa and an evening at a restaurant for a successful romantic getaway? Book your stay with Experience Outaouais and spend two nights in the splendid Hilton Lac-Leamy. Enhance your time together with a massage in the spa as well as access to the sports centre and the two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor). Sample authentic wines and gourmet sharing dishes in Soif Bar à vin. Some are firm favourites of the internationally recognized sommelier and owner, Véronique Rivest! 


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Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, remember that it’s the thought that counts! After all, the important thing is that you’re sharing a happy time together. Share the love!  


For other ideas to prolong your romantic getaway into the heart of winter, check out our blog What’s on in the Outaouais in February. 

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